Rapper slammed after asking three-year-old daughter to smell bag of weed

Rapper slammed after asking three-year-old daughter to smell bag of weed

YG has been slammed by fans after posting a now-viral video of him handing his three-year-old daughter a bag of weed and asking her to smell it.

In the short clip, which YG posted to his Instagram story, the rapper can be seen lifting the bag of weed before asking the toddler, "Harmony, what's that?". His daughter then responds, "Broccoli".

This is the moment rapper YG asks his three-year-old daughter to smell a bag of weed:

The 29-year-old then asks his daughter, "what does it smell like?" prompting her to take the bag of weed in her hands and sniff it before repeating her original answer of "broccoli". YG laughs at the innocent response to a question which many internet users have since deemed inappropriate.

"People are trying to justify YG showing his daughter his stash of weed by saying it’s legal in Cali, but why is he exposing his child to drugs," one Twitter user wrote.

"Did this fool #YG show his daughter a bag of weed and ask what it smell like??" wrote another.

"Why the f**ck did YG just let his daughter hold a bag of weed and ask her what it smell like," added a third.

Other users questioned why an individual would willingly post a video in which he is seen exposing his young child to recreational drugs.

"Waittttt so YG recorded a video of him letting his daughter smell some weed and asking her what it smell like? Smh," one user wrote.

"YG getting the worst dad of the year award now lol he asked his daughter what a bag of weed smelled like, she said broccoli cause she’s clearly around that Kush smoke all the time," said another.

YG has yet to respond to the backlash the video received.