Rihanna stunned by child lookalike

Rihanna stunned by child lookalike

Celebrity doppelgängers are all over the internet these days. The more we burn the faces of famous people into our brains with social media, the more we notice that every person we pass on the street looks a bit like someone. In fact, each year there are several everyday faces that go viral after they're compared to their celebrity counterparts.

But the next big doppelgänger comes in the form of a child. When people started paying attention to a girl in an Instagram post that looked exactly like Rihanna, the singer herself took notice.

The kid's mom, Bria, posted a photo of her daughter in a cute little sunflower dress. That, along with the fact that she's a spitting image of Rihanna, caused the artist to post the girl's picture on both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Her caption on both platforms reads: "Almost drop my phone. how?" And fans agreed. Comments say: "R u sure she not urs sis?" and "Girl don’t tell me you’re gonna release fenty cloning next."

Some even took the opportunity to shade Rihanna for not releasing new music: "So this is why the album is taking so long you literally had a child."

Even some famous peers took to the Instagram comments to share their thoughts. Snoop Dogg wrote: "When did u have a baby" and Priyanka Chopra said: "Wow?!"

While the girl in this photo is a spitting image of Rihanna, other pictures of the child on Bria's Instagram look a little less like the singer. Most of the time, the two appear enough alike to be sisters or maybe cousins. But I bet a big part of that is the young mini-me's age. Once she ages a bit, she might pass as Rihanna's twin.

Watch this video of Zendaya freaking out when Rihanna reposts her on Instagram:

If big stars like Zendaya freak out when Rihanna interacts with them on social media, imagine what this little kid feels like. Just give the girl a few years, and she might be a singer/model/fashion designer/makeup creator just like RiRi herself.