Rob Lowe trolled by son over 'gross' post-gym selfie

Rob Lowe trolled by son over 'gross' post-gym selfie

It can't be easy growing up with famous parents. Sure, you've probably inherited their good looks, and have the spoils of their success to cruise through life on, but just because your folks are stars doesn't mean they're immune to the odd embarrassing faux pas.

Case in point: Rob Lowe took to Instagram to post a seriously sweaty post-gym selfie, and his son, Johnny, trolled him for his efforts.

rob lowe Credit: Getty

Rob posted the snap of him, quite literally, dripping with sweat, with the caption: "If you’re not wet from your workout, you’re probably not working hard enough!"

Naturally, his followers loved it. "I’m just looking for all the dirty comments about being wet," wrote one Instagram user, while another corroborated "LITERALLY, sweating buckets."

The actor's son, Johnny, however, saw right through the post. "The subtle art of taking a selfie in front of ur Emmy nominations," he commented, which is quite frankly hilarious.

Credit: Instagram / Rob Lowe

The comment was quickly picked up by the Instagram account, Comments by Celebs, who responded with their own side-splitting caption: "Does being wet from someone else's workout count lol."

Credit: Instagram / Comments by Celebs

It's safe to say that Johnny approved. He commented on the Comments by Celebs caption simply with "Oh god THIS caption" - which yeah, just about sums it up.

Credit: Instagram / Comments by Celebs

People loved the interchange between Rob and his son, with one user writing on the original post: "You and your son crack me up. Such normal fun family ribbing that is completely relatable for so many, yet often in reference to things completely unrelatable. Makes you that much more likable [sic]."

Happy families, eh?