Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolled Mark Wahlberg's insane workout routine

Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolled Mark Wahlberg's insane workout routine

For some reason, us ordinary folk derive great enjoyment from peeking into the lives of the rich and famous. Whether we're scrolling through their perfectly curated Instagram accounts or picking up tabloid newspapers, our voyeuristic tendencies are only exemplified when we have a perfect celebrity coupling to get all too interested in - á la Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

The pair, who married back in 2012, are known for trolling the sh*t out of each other on social media, and boy is it amusing to watch. The Deadpool star, however, doesn't just limit his hijinks to his wife.

Mark Wahlberg recently revealed his daily routine to the world, and it's all sorts of ridiculous. The actor alleges to rise at 2:30 AM, work out twice everyday, and even makes time for cryogenic chamber session. Casual, right?

Reynolds, of course, couldn't resist the opportunity to troll his friend, and shared his own weekly schedule on Twitter in the form of an out-of-office reply.

You can personally receive Ryan's "schedule" by emailing him at Ryan@aviationgin.com. The father-of-two says that it was released before Mark's, so we can't exactly call it a response. In any case, it's evident that Ryan the trickster is back.

"This is insane... As far as I know, I released my schedule first. And I’d never spend 6 hrs coming up with a new hairstyle. That’s ridiculous. I was only looking at SKETCHES of hairstyles. It takes way longer than 6 hours," he wrote on Twitter.

While it's obviously all a big joke, it does make sense - he and Blake are kept super busy with their acting engagements, talk show appearances and being parents to their two young children, James and Ines.

It certainly appears that the trolling never stops in the Lively-Reynold's household. Last week, Ryan shared a promotional snap of his gin brand to Instagram: a massive, in-your-face picture of his sipping a gin and tonic while smugly reclining in an old leather chair.

Naturally, Blake was having none of it, and left a hilarious comment in a bid to poke a bit of fun at her husband. "Who needs a mini van?! I'm driving this from now on," she wrote under the picture. "Subtle, gorgeous, and OHMYGAWNYOUREHUGE."

Blake joked about how "huge" her husband was, which – if you know them at all – is their unique way of showing their affection.

The actress is also an expert at poking fun at herself, as evidenced by her recent appearance on The Tonight Show, where she regaled Jimmy Fallon about the time she once thought a reporter was complimenting her "tits", when in fact he was talking about her tweets.

It happened during the premiere of Blake's new movie, A Simple Favour, where she wore a shirt that she feared was completely see-through. "You know when you’re freaking out about something and you know that’s all anyone else is seeing," she told Fallon. "You know, you’re aware of it, so everything everyone says is, like, pointing out this thing you’re paranoid about, that no one’s really noticing."

While she was thinking about the state of her allegedly see-through ensemble, Blake accidentally thought that a male reporter shouted, "your tits are amazing" to her on the red carpet. "I’m like, wait excuse me? And he's like, 'your tits are amazing!' And I'm like are we saying that? Is this...have you been on Google in the past year? Like, this is not okay."

The man went onto say, "And your husband’s tweets are even better!"

"I’m like, 'Oh, tweets! Twitter! My tweets are amazing! Tweets!' It was like, oh my gosh. I was so relieved it was about my mind, and then after I was like, 'But how are my…How are they?'" Blake continued.

The family that stays together, trolls together, right?