Sarah Hyland perfectly fires back at fan who called her 'obnoxious' over wedding ring Instagram post

Sarah Hyland perfectly fires back at fan who called her 'obnoxious' over wedding ring Instagram post

Since actress Sarah Hyland has gotten engaged to Wells Adams - radio host and frequent guest on the Bachelor - she has been posting out the wazoo on Instagram. The couple tied the knot last week after dating for almost two years. And they're still excited about it. To be fair, who wouldn't be?

But some fans aren't so supportive. After one person commented "most obnoxious engaged dipsh*t award goes to you!!!!" the actress clapped back. She replied to the comment: "omg I AM going for the most obnoxious!!!!! How'd you know??"

To be fair, this person is probably just jealous. I mean, have you seen how perfect these two are together? Between their love for dogs and making silly faces, they seem like the perfect match.

Sarah and Wells made sure everyone knew it too when the actress first announced their engagement on Instagram with the caption: "That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff."

She followed up with another post of her and her fiancé on vacation in Fiji, where he popped the question.

The most-recent post, which sparked that jealous comment, was titled: "Blinded by the sun or the ring? #wouldyoulikesomeapple." She clearly knows her rock is big and beautiful, and she isn't afraid to show it off.

And Wells seems to be equally on-board with flaunting his big life achievement, as he's also posted twice to announce the engagement. His first includes a heartwarming video compilation of the pair, while the second includes their typical funny faces with the caption: "My fiancée is cooler than yours."

Most comments on the posts are well wishes, along with people telling them to not listen to the haters. Congratulations to Sarah and Wells for being in love and not being afraid to show it. All the happiness to the lovely couple!