Sarah Hyland was dragged for her SAG Awards 'spray tan' and her response is perfect

Sarah Hyland was dragged for her SAG Awards 'spray tan' and her response is perfect

It's a fact that celebrities are often body-shamed by their Instagram followers for no good reason, and no celebrity knows about the dark side of social media more than actress Sarah Hyland.

Case in point: Sarah was forced to deliver a stinging rebuke to a troll who disparaged her tan after she posted an image of her glitzy red carpet appearance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

On Monday, Sarah posted a picture of herself wearing a gorgeous pink dress with a plunging neckline, and captioned her post: "If my legs got cold I had an extra built in blanket ✨ Thanks to the village that put all of this together I felt like a goddess last night 💕 [sic]"

Instagram comment. Credit: Instagram


However, while many people praised her outfit and looks, one person seemed to take issue with Sarah's olive skin, writing in the comments: "The spray tan is way too much."

Sarah Hyland comment. Credit: Instagram

There was just one problem: Sarah's tan wasn't a spray tan at all. In fact, just the week before, she'd posted a picture of herself on vacation in Mexico with her friends.

Sarah wasn't shy about letting her hater know about it either, replying to them in the comments with the pithy comeback: "I'll tell the actual sun to go easy on me next time I see it..."

Sarah recently shared this candid video of herself getting a butt tattoo removed: 

Recently, Sarah opened up about the impact of her 'invisible illness' in her reaction to a "hated" paparazzi photo.