Selena Gomez's daily breakfast routine is made up of ginger and more ginger

Selena Gomez's daily breakfast routine is made up of ginger and more ginger

You probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that celebrities each have their own wellness routines they'll bet their careers on are the key to success. Halle Berry and her keto, Meghan and her Manuka; turns out, Selena Gomez isn't exempt from this way of thinking either. Chocolate and Hot Cheetos may be her go-to snacks on the road, but the body-positive pop star wakes up to something a little more healthful.

Although she admitted to Bon Appétit that she loves indulging in "a good plate of fried chicken" every so often, Selena Gomez starts her day with just one ingredient and her health in mind.

The former Disney star rises and shines to either a piece of raw ginger or a shot of it. "It's killing everything inside! All of the bad things."

While taking a shot of anything doesn't sound too palatable first thing in the morning, spicy ginger's body-loving benefits totally outweigh the sting on the tongue. According to a study in the journal "Metabolism," the medicinal plant can help suppress your appetite and increase feelings of satiety. Now that's a solid reason to order a round of ginger shots.

When she's not making hits or on tour, she lives a life full of sweets, salty snacks, and sugary caffeinated beverages (a girl after my own heart, don't tell Puma). Like any true foodie, Selena Gomez is a pizza addict, as well as a lover of Cheetos, chocolate, red bull and cheesecake.

So how else does Selena stay svelte? When she's embarking on sold-out tours and doesn't have time to grab a meal, the singer avoids a pickle by eating them! She told "Bon Appétit" that she always keeps "plenty of water and pickles" backstage. Not only do we love pickles because they're almost calorie-free and crunchier than potato chips.

A lot of people out there would confess they are truly addicted to the fermented cucumbers. The crunchy snack is high in sodium, flavor and probiotics. If you're dying to chomp down on some gherkin, you could be in need of one or all of those things. A lack of sodium may also mean you are dehydrated.

When you eat more sodium and then drink water, you're better able to absorb it. Pickles are great for your gut health and digestion too. Too much thought can ruin your chances of achieving a flat belly.

Most Americans consume more salt than the recommended daily amount. Our bodies' natural reaction to eating too much salt is to retain water, and when the body holds on to water, it bloats. As a guideline, most healthy people should be capping their sodium intake at 2,300 mg per day.

Those who have diabetes or high blood pressure, or who are over 50, should only be consuming 1,500 mg per day. Packaged and processed foods, like canned soups, deli meats, and pre-made sauces, commonly contain large amounts of sodium.

Obviously, pickles alone won't take you over the tipping point, but bear in mind Selena is a grinder and likely has a team of professionals helping her look stunning while she eats what she wants. Implement what you like into your diet and take everything with a pinch of salt.