Shay Mitchell wears diaper on set during her pregnancy and fans are loving it

Shay Mitchell wears diaper on set during her pregnancy and fans are loving it

If you're at all aware of the actress Shay Mitchell, you'll probably also know that she's expecting her first child - a fact that she somehow managed to keep on the down-low for about half a year.

The 32-year-old even has her own YouTube show, Almost Ready, to document the highs and lows of her pregnancy.

Shay has come a long way since her previous miscarriage, which, naturally, was a very difficult time for her.

The Pretty Little Liars actress delved into the unfortunate ordeal in the very first episode of Almost Ready, and also talked about how the experience affected her pregnancy journey this time around. It got pretty deep.

Things took a more comical turn, however, in the second episode where it was revealed that while on set for the TV series, Dollface, she chose to wear a diaper:

"You wanna see something?" she says in the episode. "Honestly guys, I've never known that somebody could pee as much as you do when you're pregnant. I swear to God, in a half an hour, I went to the bathroom probably about 22 times last night to the point where I was like I'm f**king wearing diapers."

"I'm literally wearing a full-on f**king diaper," she adds. "Because it gets so annoying going to the bathroom all the time."

Shay then pulls down her trousers to show off the diaper in question to everyone on set. "This isn't even an ad for Depends," Shay said.

"The set was way over here," she said. "The bathrooms were like way over there. I peed myself. I got a couple good times and then I had to throw it out. But I'm not doing it, you know? I'm having to pee way too much. I'm over it. Try my diaper method, I'm telling you it's amazing."

We'll take your word for it, Shay!