Singer blasts designer for photoshopping her legs to look like 'literal sticks'

Singer blasts designer for photoshopping her legs to look like 'literal sticks'

It's all too often the case that even the biggest celebrities in the world will be subject to designers and photographers altering their image without them having any say in the matter.

Sometimes it's small changes, often small enough that many of us wouldn't notice. And there are bound to be some touch-ups that are simply part of the trade, but there's definitely a line that can be crossed - and so we often see celebrities coming forward to criticise those that do.

This recently happened to singer Marina Diamandis, best known as Marina & the Diamonds, and she was not happy at all. She criticised a designer for making her legs look like "literal sticks" when they posted a photo of her on Instagram at an award show, and used her platform to speak on how this kind of behaviour is dangerous.

" I wore a designer’s clothes to an award show recently to support her. The next day she posted a photo of me on Instagram + had photoshopped my legs and thighs to look like literal sticks," she wrote. "This is internalised misogyny in full action. For f**k’s sake. Do BETTER. Be less dumb."

She then went on to say that why she didn't feel personally offended by the change, she realised that earlier in her life she would have taken it harder. "10 years ago I would have been," she said. "I probably would’ve reposted the photoshopped picture!"

"It feels super irresponsible & unkind to distort a woman’s figure for what is essentially someone else’s vanity. If you want me to wear your clothing, don’t photoshop my wonderful hourglass body shape as if it’s is unacceptable"

When people tried to figure out who exactly it was, she denied any theories and said it wasn't about a specific person - but a wider systemic problem.

In response to her words, many of Marina's fans came forward to support her and argue that this was unacceptable behaviour by the designer.

Hopefully, with people like Marina drawing attention to it, there will be fewer and fewer incidents such as this within the entertainment and beauty industries.