Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are ultimate #couplegoals with new matching tattoos

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are ultimate #couplegoals with new matching tattoos

If you want to show that you love your partner, you could give them a thoughtful present, or write them a poem, or whisk them away on a romantic trip. But all those ways are stupid and wrong. The real way to prove you someone is to get their face tattooed on you. Once get you inked, it's there forever, unless you want to get shot with a laser.

Last November, singer Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner announced their engagement on Instagram. Since Sophie plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, this prompted a lot of Red Wedding jokes, and Purple Wedding jokes, and - well, I don't think any weddings go well on Game of Thrones. If you're ever in Westeros, and someone proposes, run for the hills. Anyway, the couple has only been dating for a year, but they seem like they're in love. How can we tell? A couple weeks ago, Joe got a large tattoo of Sophie Turner on his body.

At least, the tattoo appears to be Sophie. It's slightly ambiguous, but who else could it be? On social media, fans pointed out that it looks like a specific shot of Sophie as Sansa Stark. Although Sophie's a natural blonde, her character on the show is a redhead. The red lines in the corner could be a reference to Sansa's hair - or to blood, since like everyone Sansa knows on the show gets murdered. It's very violent. Anyway, today the same tattoo artist, Curt Montgomery, shared a photo revealing that Sophie got matching ink on her thigh.

Pretty risqué photo, huh? When Sophie started Game Of Thrones, she was 15. Now she's 22. They grow up so fast. In case there's any doubt who it is, Curtis captions it, "Side view FUCKEN sweetness for our round'y two with rad bb @sophiet ??? Done'zo." In case you can't speak tattoo artist, that translates to, "Here is a side view of the tattoo. I am pleased. First I inked Joe, and now I inked Sophie. She is likable. Now I am finished." The design is basically a minimalist version of Joe's ink. I guess she didn't want to get his face? I don't know how matching tattoos work. But clearly, if you're dating someone, it's time to set new #couplegoals.

Of course, you should make sure that you're in love with your partner, and you're not getting inked on a whim. Supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik split up, and a recent Instagram photo reveals that Zayn has a massive tattoo of Gigi's eyes on his chest. So that's awkward. Whenever he's shirtless and looks in the mirror, she's staring at him. Maybe he can cover the eyes up with black holes or something.

Well, we wish Sophie and Joe the best. Their matching tattoos look a lot better than Ben Affleck's ink. He has a huge tattoo of a phoenix on his back, and everyone is savaging for him it, including celebrities...