Sources reveal Jordyn Woods has moved out of Kylie Jenner's house amid cheating scandal

Sources reveal Jordyn Woods has moved out of Kylie Jenner's house amid cheating scandal

For quite some time, we've been starved of Kardashian drama, haven't we? Kylie Jenner was just enjoying being a mother, Kim Kardashian had welcomed her third child and announced that a fourth was on the way, and all seemed to be at peace in the Kardashian household.

Then, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson reportedly split, and we were all hit with a heavy dose of drama, applied directly to the veins. Oh, that sweet, sweet drama. Have you been living under a rock for the past couple of days? Let me fill you in: Khloé is believed to have learned that Tristan was cheating on her. Again.

But rather than a previously unknown person in a club, as it was last year, Tristan's latest monument to infidelity reportedly hits a lot closer to home: Jordyn Woods (yes, Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods) was spotted by a source as staying over at Thompson's place during a house party, only leaving at seven o'clock the next morning.


Khloé seemed to subtly corroborate this post above from Hollywood Unlocked, with a series of shout emojis, and after fans hounded Kylie's Instagram photos with her best friend, the fallout, as you might imagine, has finally reached Jordyn Woods: she's moved out of Kylie's house, and is heading home to her family.

This latest report comes from People, who talked to multiple sources; "It’s been a difficult time and she’s broken up about it. She’s heading home to be with her mom," revealed one insider.

Another source confirmed that the KarJenners were completely "blindsided" by the reports that Woods was cosying up to Thompson, with several members of the family still not quite believing what's gone down.

"When they first started hearing on Monday that Tristan made out with Jordyn, no one really believed it. That Tristan would be inappropriate, yes everyone knows that he can’t behave, but that Jordyn would make out with him, it first seemed like a made up rumor."

After reaching out to other friends they knew who were at the party, those friends all but confirmed the horrible rumours. "Several family members reached out to people they believed had been at the party. And they were told it was true," explained the source. We know how the scandal has left Khloé and Tristan's relationship, but what of Jordyn and Kylie? That, a source says, is a little less certain.

"Jordyn has been like Kylie’s sister. They were inseparable, and always together. Jordyn often helped Kylie with Stormi. Kylie was always so excited to have Jordyn around. It seems Kylie isn’t sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around."

According to another source, the Kardashians found out about Tristan's two timing tendencies on Monday. "The whole family is furious," explained the source. "They were blindsided."