'Teen Mom' star slams Kylie Jenner for 'glamorizing' young motherhood

'Teen Mom' star slams Kylie Jenner for 'glamorizing' young motherhood

Kylie Jenner lives a glamorous life, with her billion dollar beauty empire, jaw-dropping purse closet and ridiculously expensive luxury cars. But does she glamorize being a young mother?

When Kylie was 20, she gave birth to her daughter, Stormi. On social media, she often posts adorable baby photos for her massive following. Some girls look up to Malala Yousafzai; others look up to Kylie Jenner. It's possible she might be giving some of them baby fever.

Recently 'Teen Mom' star Kailyn Lowry appeared on Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's podcast. That's right, even the vacuous stars of The Hills have a podcast now. I'd rather listen to a podcast from the screeching raccoons that fight in the alley outside my apartment at night, but hey, to each his own.

Anyway, 'Speidi' interviewed Kailyn about parenthood. The former 'Teen Mom' said she didn't want to mom-shame, and knows Kylie "didn't ask to be a role model." However, she criticized the 21-year-old reality star for making motherhood seem glamorous.

"I don't want to hate her because obviously she's so successful, but when you're that young and you have that much money and you're able to have a nanny or have a lot of help, I think that shows that it's kind of glamorous to have a kid so young."

"She wasn't a teenager [when Kylie had Stormi], so obviously it's slightly different, but we got a lot of backlash for Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant that makes it look like the show is glamorous and I just don’t agree because it took me seven years to get a four year degree. I didn’t always have the money I have now.

"I would not agree that our show makes it glamorous. But situations like Kylie, they don’t realize that she has millions of dollars and she has a ton of help and she can go out and party and do all these things."

Kailyn may have a point. Kylie doesn't discuss her nannies often, or post unglamorous selfies while changing Stormi's diapers - at least, as far as I'm aware. However, Twitter users jumped to the beauty mogul's defense. They pointed out that when Kylie had her baby, she was 20, and financially sound. Meanwhile, Kailyn got knocked up at 16, when she was struggling to make ends meet, and currently has three children from three different fathers. In their view, Kylie is more responsible.

Well, if you idolize Kylie Jenner and are inspired to have a baby, try to build a $900 million beauty empire first. That will help out just a little bit to make ends meet. And for what it's worth, Kris Jenner said her daughter, Kylie, would be a fantastic young parent. "I think she was just born to have kids," Kris told Us Magazine. "I felt like I was the same way."