The internet is furious with Gordon Ramsay and his new 'culturally insensitive' show

The internet is furious with Gordon Ramsay and his new 'culturally insensitive' show

I don't know about you guys, but I certainly can never get enough of Gordon Ramsay.Whether we're talking Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, or many of the social media posts depicting him being unnecessarily mean to amateur chefs on Twitter: I'm here for it, and I live for it.

That being said, I can understand if some of you aren't quite as indoctrinated into the church of Ramsay, and need more variety in your daily dose of culinary cursing. Ramsay hears you too, and to be fair, he's doing his best to mix things up; we've got some new flavours of Ramsay to look forward to over the coming months.

First, there's 24 Hours To Hell & Back, where Ramsay will attempt to go through the rigours of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares over the course of a day, which will make for some compelling television if the stress doesn't kill him first. But it's the show that's just been announced that's got people talking, and not in a good way.

Just a couple of months after the tragic passing of the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay has announced a new show that looks as if it might be the spiritual successor to Bourdain's show Parts Unknown, but of course, it's got its own hook that makes it decidedly Gordon Ramsay-esque.

Here's the idea behind Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. Well, first of all, Gordon Ramsay isn't about to go hunting for treasure like the Playstation game of the same name; instead, he'll be travelling to locations in all four corners of the globe, trying out different cuisines.

But instead of yelling at chefs all around the world for their perceived cooking iniquities (how well does "you f***ing idiot sandwich" translate to Nepalese, anyway?), Gordon Ramsay is set to take them on at their own game, hoping to beat foreign chefs at creating their own local dishes. Said in more market speak-y tones from Uncharted's producers:

"Each episode of Uncharted will include three key ingredients: unlocking a culture's culinary secrets through exploration and adventure with local food heroes, no matter where they may lead him. Tracking down high-octane traditions, pastimes and customs that are specific to the region in hopes of discovering the undiscovered.

And, finally, testing Ramsay against the locals, pitting his own interpretations of regional dishes against the tried-and-true classics."

So, to recap: Gordon Ramsay is going to fly to other countries, taste a few of the local dishes, and then try to upstage chefs (who've probably been cooking the dishes for years) after looking at a plate of street food for maybe fifteen minutes. There's no way this can go wrong, right? Twitter was pretty offended at the idea. Take it away, Eddie Huang!

Huang isn't the only person who thinks this is a terrible idea. Many people online are upset at the premise behind Uncharted, and - this being the internet, after all - a lot more people have jokes. Like these ones:

That last tweet reminds me: did nobody pitching this show remember when Gordon Ramsay tried to make that pad thai, and ended up getting completely roasted by a Thai chef? Here's a glorious reminder:

Yeah, this is a terrible idea. While an official air date is not yet known, production is due to begin this fall, so we can probably expect Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted at some point in 2019. I can't wait.