The model who collapsed at Kylie Jenner's birthday party finally reveals what really happened

The model who collapsed at Kylie Jenner's birthday party finally reveals what really happened

Considering that she's already a mother, a world-famous celebrity, and (nearly) a billionaire, it's difficult to believe that Kylie Jenner is only just 21. But, sure enough, the youngest of the Kar-Jenner clan only celebrated the big two-one last week - and it proved to be quite the riot.

Pictures from the evening show the reality star playing in a giant ball pool, hanging with her sisters, and going through a number of outfit changes - but not everything went according to plan.

Before Kylie even arrived at her party, one of the guests had to be taken away from the property in an ambulance.

The pooped-out partygoer was later revealed to be Tammy Hembrow, an Australian Instagram model and influencer, and now, in a video uploaded to YouTube, the 24-year-old has revealed exactly what happened last Thursday.

In a three-minute explanation, which was titled, "Update: Back Home", Hembrow claimed that she was simply overtired on the day of the party.

"I want everyone to know that I’m OK," she said. "I’ve had a lot of concerned followers messaging me and asking if I’m alright so I just want to clear that up and say yes, I’m OK."

"Basically what happened is I was in LA, I was running on pretty much 30 hours, no sleep. I was struggling to stay awake even when I was getting my hair and makeup done," she explained. "I could barely keep my eyes open."

However, she didn't deny that there was alcohol involved.

"I probably definitely shouldn’t have been drinking because of how jet-lagged I was, how exhausted I was. I already wasn’t feeling well. But I was honestly fine at that point, and I was talking to a bunch of my friends, I was catching up with some people."

And that's when things took a bad turn.

"So, yeah, I pretty much collapsed," she said. "Honestly, I'm already like super, super embarrassed about it."

But Hembrow is taking the incident as a sign that she needs to cool off a bit on the party lifestyle.

"I read a quote yesterday and it said, ‘Make time for rest or your body will force you to slow down in ways you probably won’t like.’ And I feel like that couldn’t be more true," she said.

And she's not going to let the mishap tarnish her reputation, either.

"I mean, I personally could never imagine attacking someone or judging someone for something like this," she said.

"You just never know what someone is going through, so it’s a reminder to be kind always. I mean, there’s a lot of people who go through a lot worse than this.

"At the end of the day, I’m lucky that I have amazing friends and family, and they know who I am and what I stand for and the person that I want to be, so I’m not going to let something like this define me."

Thankfully, Hembrow was fine after a little bit of recovery time and some well-needed rest. As for the rest of the party guests? Well, we don't know for sure how they were that evening, but you can bet that a good number of them needed some R&R the morning after!