'The Rock' was every proud dad at his daughter's graduation and the photos are brilliant

'The Rock' was every proud dad at his daughter's graduation and the photos are brilliant

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most bankable stars on the planet right now. In fact, he was the highest-paid actor back in 2018. Part of this comes from his natural charm, but there's also the fact that he can handle his comedy as well as his hard-hitting badassery; he can make you laugh one minute and bench-lift a truck the next.

Yet aside from the NOS-fuelled action of the Fast & the Furious series, it turns out he's the goofiest, most loving dad too.

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Just like any good dad, he was there to show support to his daughter on her graduation this year. And of course, he was going to make sure she was at least a little embarrassed during the whole occasion.

The 47-year-old actor celebrated the end of high school for his 17-year-old daughter Simone on Friday, and shared a couple of sweet photos of them both together.

“And then your babies graduate,” he captioned the post, taken at NSU University School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Very proud of my first daughter graduating high school, kickin’ ass and is now NYU bound. I love you and one day you’ll stop pulling away from my beastly arms & kisses.”

He followed up the first photo with another in which he, unsuccessfully, tries to kiss his daughter on the cheek. Classic dad move. In the comment section, Simone replied: "Love you, thank you for coming."

the rock daughter graduation Credit: Instagram/@therock

Simone also included a little Marvel reference in her cap as a small personal touch. Half of the cap featured Captain America's logo and the other half The Winter Soldier's. She also offered up a quote from the aforementioned Marvel movies in her own Instagram post from the graduation, writing: "I'm with you until the end of the line".

Johnson shares the 17-year-old with his ex-wife, Dany Garcia. In addition to Simone, he also two other daughters: the 3-year-old Jasmine Lia and the 13-month-old Tiana Gia, both of which he had with partner Lauren Hashian.

Simone - who has previously served as the Golden Globe Ambassador back in 2018 - accompanied her father to the Sundance Film Festival in January. There they were both seen on the red carpet for his film Fighting with My Family.

She was also his date on Valentine's Day, with him heading down to Florida to spend the day with her. “Flew from LA to Miami so I could spend an awesome afternoon and lovely dinner with my #1 Valentine @simonegjohnson,” he wrote, tagging her into the post.

“SO PROUD of her and that apple sure didn’t fall far from this tree,” he continued. “Dropped her off, gave her a massive bear hug and back on the bird to get to work.”

As if you needed any more reason to think Johnson was killing it in the dad department, check out the time he let his daughter paint his face before work.