The 'Sherminator' from American Pie isn't ginger anymore and looks totally different

The 'Sherminator' from American Pie isn't ginger anymore and looks totally different

Ever since he first strutted onto our screens in 1999, self-confessed ladies man Chuck “Sherminator” Sherman has been something of an enigma to movie-goers. Lovingly referred to as a “sophisticated sex robot”, Sherminator shot to fame alongside the other cast members of American Pie. But, while he may not have been as integral to the movies as the likes of Jim, Finch, Oz and Stifler - the character's legend was still an integral part of the film's popularity: something which has recently been called into question.

The Sherminator continued to appear throughout the series, with him becoming a more central character as the films developed. After he embarrassingly soiled himself at the end of the first film, Sherman finally managed to lose his virginity to Slovakian exchange student Nadia in American Pie 2. Then, in American Pie: Band Camp, he wound up as a guidance counsellor, before finally appearing as a divorced dad in America Reunion.

However, sadly, the man who played the ever-lasting Chuck Sherman has enjoyed a less than prosperous career since the movies aired. Actor Chris Owen, who stepped into the role as a greasy-skinned, spiky-haired teenager, ended up being a semi-house-hold name in the early parts of his career. But, recent times haven't been too kind to him - with him recently being spotted serving up Sushi at a restaurant in Santa Monica, Calfornia.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Owen began his career as an exciting child prodigy, with him appearing in a variety of different films from the age of 10. The success continued into his teens, with him landing roles in moderately successful films like Angus and Black Sheep. However, it was at the age of 19 when he got his big break in American Pie.

After starring in the franchise, Owen went on to star in box office flops like Van Wilder, Gold Diggers and Dorm Daze One and Two. Obviously aware of his spiralling career and dwindling options, Owen took the unglamorous option.

However, when interviewed about his new career path, Owen was pragmatic regarding the whole ordeal, saying that he "love(s) acting and this job lets me stay in the fight”.

Well, it turns out that Owen fights a good fight, with him recently landing a roll in the legendary film franchise: Sharknado.

Taking to his Instagram account, Owen announced that he would be starring in Sharknado 6, taking up the role of "blond cowboy."

The movie star looked completely unrecognisable in the snap, with him swapping his trademark ginger locks for a new platinum do.

Chris captioned the image: "Because when you go to Romania for the weekend to play a blond cowboy you take a picture. #Sharknado"

I mean, on the face of it, things haven't really worked out for Owen. But, waiting isn't a bad career choice and, if we're being honest, Sharknado will probably clean up at the Oscars next year, so it's not all bad.