There's one major detail you probably missed from Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview

There's one major detail you probably missed from Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview

Since Jordyn Woods' Red Table Talk interview aired on Friday, it's pretty much all we've talked about. We've carefully dissected every word she said, examined every facial expression she made and scrutinised every gesture onscreen - but did we all miss something?

People on social media seem to think so. Word on the street is that there is a minor-but-maybe-major detail that could give us a clue to something important. Something that Twitter claims Khloé Kardashian is 'hiding'.

It all goes back to the point at which the 21-year-old was explaining what went on at Tristan's house.

Listen closely now:

"We’re all dancing and drinking. I’m not thinking, 'I shouldn’t be here'. And that’s my first step where I went wrong. And how would I feel if someone close to me is hanging at my ex’s house—the father of my child? I didn’t think about that. That’s the first part of the problem. I should have gone home after the party."

Wait. Did Jordyn say the word 'ex'? In reference to Tristan and Khloé? Yup, she did!

Does this mean that Tristan and Khloé broke up before Jordyn went to the house party?

Red Table Talk Jordyn Woods Credit: Facebook Watch/Red Table Talk

That one we cannot confirm or deny. The plus-size model's using of the word 'ex' could have been a big reveal, or it could have been a slip of the tongue. All we know is that people on Twitter are adamant that Khloé was 'hiding' this important piece of information.

"Khloe & Tristan were broken up before he kissed Jordyn," wrote one Twitter user. "They just didn’t go public about it yet. In the interview, she says 'I wasn’t thinking how I would feel if someone close to me was hanging out at my ex’s house.' Jordyn was never the blame. #TeamJordyn".

They added: "It makes sense why he’s throwing a party in a whole other house. They were split up! Crazy. Like everyone’s been saying that relationship been done. Khloe’s just looking for someone to blame."

An image of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Credit: Getty

Someone else on Twitter used the opportunity to do some investigative work, writing: "They hadn't been pictured together in a while and she spent Valentine's Day alone, that sounds pretty broken up to me."

Another added: "So Jordyn slipped up and said ‘I’m not sure how I would feel if someone was hanging at my ex’s house’.... Confirming Khloe and Tristan weren’t together??!!! This whole ordeal just seems like an excuse to have a public breakup #RedTableTalk".

The theory certainly is intriguing! Suffice to say, we've got our eyes peeled for more clues.

In other news from the Kardashian clan, apparently, Kanye West has some very strong feelings about the cheating drama.