This girl is taking the internet by storm with her incredible celebrity makeup transformations

This girl is taking the internet by storm with her incredible celebrity makeup transformations

There are some people who really are wizards when it comes to makeup. Seriously, I'm talking about the people who can take years off their face with some good foundation, and can erase blemishes to accentuate their best features. Then there are some people who can use cosmetics to transform themselves into anything they want. They can manipulate the eye with optical illusions and artistic talents, and even change their appearance to become an uncanny celebrity doppelgänger.

Self-taught makeup artist Bea Mocorro is one such genius, who can transform herself into anyone, from Beyoncé to Morgan Freeman. Bea has managed to rack up a fair few followers on Instagram and Facebook, and can spend anywhere between five and seven hours painstakingly replicating the intricate details of celebrities’ faces.

Bea first became enamoured with the artistic possibilities of makeup when she was a teenager, after learning that her college ran a beauty course. She'd always been possessed of an artistic flare, but after signing up for the course, she learned that she had a natural aptitude for makeup. Not content with simple beautification, she decided to use her own face as a canvas for her artistic endeavours.

"I choose people whose music I like, because when I hear their songs I almost feel like I become them," Bea stated in a recent interview. "I make sure, when I’m transforming myself into an artist, I listen to only them. I don’t want to distract myself with someone else’s music, and hearing them helps me to channel them ... I love doing male transformations, because it’s a way of making myself look completely different. People always react well to that shock factor, as it’s such a contrast."

She added: "With Drake, for example, I pulled back my hair, then made use of my forehead and used face paint to create the texture of his hairline. I posed against a black background, too, to make sure my hair all blended, and you couldn’t see my ponytail. A black background is vital for making this sort of illusion .... The transformation that’s impressed people the most is my Beyoncé one. I’ve always wanted to recreate her look – she’s my queen."

Indeed, Bea has also stated that she actually finds female makeovers more challenging, since women often have more intricate facial details, which she has to mimic more subtly. She doesn't rely on fancy materials either; using typical high street brands like NYX, L’Oreal and MAC when planning her transformation pictures, and occasionally using a wig to accentuate her look.

Wow, I guess this just goes to show that if you don't like the sight of your own face, all it takes is some serious skills with a brush to make you someone else. Personally, I think Bea has a glittering career in Hollywood as a makeup artist ahead of her. Keep up the good work Bea!