This guy asked Ryan Reynolds for a yearbook quote and his response is hilarious

This guy asked Ryan Reynolds for a yearbook quote and his response is hilarious

The yearbook quote is the last chance you get to make an impression on your school. Maybe you've been quiet all those years and want a quote that will reveal your true-side, or you might be looking to indirect a teacher or student that told you that you wouldn't make it. Or, more likely, you're just going to use a generic quote from the Dalai Lama or Gandhi and be done with it. But, be warned, whatever you opt for, it will be nowhere near as good as the following.

Ryan Reynolds is one of those celebrities that always seems up for a laugh. Whether it's ripping into his wife and trolling her online, or mocking himself in interviews, he certainly comes across as someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and is happy to engage with his fans and audiences.

From the outside looking in, it would be easy to see why Reynolds appears to be so happy with his life. He's happily married to his wife and fellow actor, Blake Lively, and is currently one of the biggest actors on the planet.

Reynolds' stock boomed thanks, in part, to his role in the Deadpool franchise, and he appears to be looking at another cult-classic to further his career. Setting his sights on the 1990's classic Home Alone, Reynolds is rumoured to be looking at rebooting the series, but with a stoner twist - calling it Stoned Alone.

Kevin Burrows and Matt Milder wrote the screenplay after getting the idea from Twentieth Century Fox executive, Matt Reilly, about a twenty-something stoner who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip so decides to get high at home, only to discover burglars are trying to break entry into his house. At the moment, the rumours are that Reynolds loved the idea and is set to produce and potentially even star in it.

However, while we wait to see what the outcome of that project will be, Reynolds has decided to look at a different career path for the foreseeable future: A Yearbook Quote Maker.

Popping up on Twitter, Michael Nealon was desperate to try and get the perfect quote for his high school yearbook but just couldn't find the right thing. Getting desperate, the student decided to message Ryan Reynolds for some inspiration, writing:

Bizarrely, given that Micheal called Ryan a b**ch, the actor responded, saying:

And just like that, Michael had his yearbook quote. The student later tweeted Reynold's thanking him for his assistance in giving him the perfect quote, and received a response from the actor once more.

So, it seems like if you want to get your favourite A-lister to respond to you, simply call them a b**ch and they will get back to you. Celebrities are a strange bunch, aren't they?