This guy creates hilariously cheap mock-ups of celebrity looks, and they are a thing of beauty

This guy creates hilariously cheap mock-ups of celebrity looks, and they are a thing of beauty

In a world where modern fashion often resembles something from a '70s sci-fi show, it's very easy to mock whatever celebrities choose to wear to fancy events. However, nobody manages to do this sort of satire quite as well as Emanuele Ferrari (or Emi for short), as he's been mimicking famous looks using household items for the past four years.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Emi explained that his looks were inspired by the kooky outfits we often see being paraded along the red carpet by celebrities. "I noticed how some clothes in the fashion world were really so absurd and in my mind, I recreated them with the material I had at home," he said. "So I decided to open my account and get crazy."

He continued: "I do not know exactly where all this will bring me, but for now, it is something that I enjoy so much and that I have the pleasure of doing."

And if you have any sense of humor at all, they'll certainly bring you some enjoyment too...

1. This look is royally good

2. Kylie must be green with envy at how good this turned out

3. Madonna: holy by name, holy by nature

4. Riri may be queen, but Emi is at least a princess

5. Zefron got grilled with this one

6. This outfit is definitely one of the stranger things I've seen today

7. The attention to detail here is stunning

8. Emi whipped up this outfit in no time

9. So that's where my iPhone cable went

10. Everyone is going gaga for this look

11. One of these says 'American Beauty' more than the other

12. Silverware? More like silver-wear, amirite?

13. Cardi B and Cardi A+

14. Emi's always bready for a challenge

15. Lean, green fashion machine

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