This guy recreated all of Britney Spears' Instagram posts and the photos are incredible

This guy recreated all of Britney Spears' Instagram posts and the photos are incredible

Even decades on from her hey-day (yes, we really are getting that old), Britney Spears continues to inspire generation after generation. The 36-year-old shot to fame in the late 90s when she was still a teenager, with hits that no-one can ever forget including Oops I Did It Again and Baby One More Time. Absolute bangers, am I right?

Well, she's still performing and releasing new music every now and again, and it's easy to keep track, thanks to her enthusiastic Instagram usage. Britney has more than 20 million followers, and she posts regularly about her family life, working out and practising dance routines, as well as the occasional harmless selfie.

One person who appears to be really invested in Britney's Instagram ~aesthetic~ is a dude who goes by the name of Benito Skinner. The comedic actor recently uploaded a video which was compiled of several recreations of Britney's latest Instagram posts, and it's ridiculously funny.

"Decided to make another tribute to the queen of eye makeup that doesn’t come off(?), the apple emoji, and Snapchat filters... MISS #BRITNEYSPEARS," he wrote in the caption. Yes, he used apple emojis in the caption too and yes... the eye makeup and Snapchat filters are certainly present in his vid.

Let's take you through it.

1. He reenacted the moment Britney sang in her mansion while a camera circled her.

2. Copied this post-workout selfie.

3. He mimicked Brit by applying her beloved Snapchat filters and singing to the camera.

4. Did his own version of this backyard photo shoot.

5. Recreated this poolside boomerang.

6. Shared a workout vid

7. And rehearsed some of Brit's choreography

It's just all kinds of perfect, and really needs to be watched in full. Here it is (sound on for the ultimate experience):

Just amazing.

The post got a whole lot of love, with people writing in the comments things like "he nailed it!" and "hahaha YES! too funnyyyy". Someone even wrote "You totally f*cking nailed her mannerisms and her singing voice" and while we think he was maaaybe a little OTT, there definitely were a lot of similarities.

Someone else asked: "This beyond on point! Where’s your daytime Emmy already?!?!?" and really, we're wondering the same.

The dude is hilarious, and his Britney vid is only one of many outstanding impressions he does on his Instagram page, which has 97k followers.

Here he is doing a perfect impression of Jonathan from Queer Eye:

And (rather savagely) recreating that interview between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, where she asked him a bunch of questions about herself that he didn't really know how to answer (LOL, awks).

And here's something that many of us will be able to relate to, here's his "Working in an office be like" vid.

Keep it up Benito, these are pure gold.