This Instagram account shows celebrities weirdly eating things and it's hilarious

This Instagram account shows celebrities weirdly eating things and it's hilarious

Celebrities: they're just like us - right? Other than all the money they have, of course. Oh, and the fame. And the constant media attention, I guess. And they don't have to work a 9-5, or take the subway, or compromise on what they're eating for the next week so they can afford the electricity bill.

Ok so maybe they're not exactly like us. But they are still human beings (or so we're led to believe - I'm not 100 per cent convinced that Donald Trump isn't just a bunch of racoons in a suit), and so they do the same regular, human being stuff that the rest of us do.

Sometimes, though, they don't do it all that well; and because of all that constant media attention they get, they can't escape being ridiculed for looking ridiculous while performing basic, everyday tasks. But why do we care? Well, because it's hilarious to see someone totally fail at eating a hot dog. Just take a look for yourselves...

1. Kourtney Kardashian vs Salad

2. Alex Baldwin vs Tomato

3. Prince Charles vs Oyster

4. Andrew Garfield vs Ice Cream

5. Harry Styles vs Banana

6. Jack Nicholson vs Watermelon

7. Michelle Obama vs Taco

8. Larry King vs Ice Cream

9. Betty White vs Hot Dog

10. Scarlett Johansson vs Bread

11. Will Ferrel vs Most of a Cow

12. Natalie Portman vs Street Soup

13. Verne Troyer vs Footlong

14. Antonio Banderas vs Sandwich

15. Michael Buble vs Corn

16. Steve Tyler vs Popcorn

17. Britney vs Ice Cream bar

So, celebrities: just like us? Well, they might have a load of stuff that we don't - but that certainly hasn't helped them out with their eating abilities. Maybe they are human after all.