This is how Meghan Markle disguises herself when out in public

This is how Meghan Markle disguises herself when out in public

What do you do when you're a member of the royal family but really want to go down the street for a snack? Well, who better to ask than Meghan Markle, who's recently found herself on the other side of the Palace fence where it's difficult to wander into the public undetected.

The former Suits star married Prince Harry back in May, and along with her new title of Duchess of Sussex, the royal has been given a new place to call home at Kensington Palace. She and Harry live in what must be an adorable abode – a two-bedroom property on the Palace grounds called Nottingham Cottage, which is described as "snug".

They live there with their pet dogs (they recently got one together!) and you can imagine that married life as a royal couple must be pretty nice. But it seems that Meghan still likes to have a taste of the real world from time to time. While they've undoubtedly got on-site chefs at the Palace, it's been reported that Meghan still likes to duck out to visit her local Whole Foods.

And even though she's got a small army's worth of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers available to her at any given time, she still likes visiting the salon and sitting among regular folk like you and me. Or so it is, according to a source for People magazine.

They reportedly said that Meghan regularly pops out of the Palace to run errands and head to appointments. This wouldn't be possible, of course, without a clever disguise.

Does the Duchess don a blonde curly wig? Oversized sunglasses? A pair of those novelty glasses with the fake nose and eyebrows? No, it's far simpler (and more civilised) than that. Meghan's go-to disguise is the humble baseball cap.

"When she does venture out to Pilates or to get her hair done, she normally goes incognito under a baseball cap," the source said. Of course, she probably could get chauffeured to her Pilates classes even if it was just around the corner, but if the baseball cap works as a guard against British paps – then why not!?

Heck, I might even try it next time I don't want to be recognised when I venture out to buy chocolate milk to cure my hangover (seriously, it's the best remedy).

As well as sneaking out to get her hair done or go to Pilates incognito, Meghan's favourite place to visit as a regular member of society is Whole Foods. The self-described foodie apparently loves to head out from the Palace to pick up some produce.

“The only other place she has visited regularly is Whole Foods, which is little more than five minutes away from Kensington Palace,” the source continued. “That way she can quickly sneak in and out without anyone noticing it’s her.”

Anyone else planning on lurking outside Meghan's local Whole Foods on the lookout for anyone wearing a baseball cap? I mean... me neither, that's just creepy.