This is the real reason Kourtney Kardashian likes 'hanging out' with a guy 19 years younger than her

This is the real reason Kourtney Kardashian likes 'hanging out' with a guy 19 years younger than her

The Kardashians are definitely a family that like to play by their own rules. While every other celebrity is just trying to live a private life and keep a low profile, these guys are out there having full-blown arguments on TV, posting their nudes to Instagram, and giving their kids names like "North West".

And when it comes to relationships, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are more than open about their experiences.

Recently, of course, there has been a fair bit of drama surrounding Khloe Kardashian and her beau, Tristan Thompson, who was infamously caught fooling around with other women just days before his daughter, True, was born earlier this year. For now, though, it appears that the two might have patched things up - meaning that the relationship drama had to fall to someone else.

So Kourtney stepped up to the plate.

Up until 2015, Kourtney had a fairly steady thing going with her long-term partner, Scott Disick. The pair have three kids together - Mason, Penelope, and Reign - but put an end to their relationship when their youngest was just six months old.

Since then, the 39-year-old has dated on and off, but not had anything super serious going on. Her most recent relationship was with Younes Bendjima, a 25-year-old model. The pair ended things just last month, but there wasn't any huge drama around it (which is surprising, given the usual Kardashian reputation for these things).

More recently, however, she's been spotted "hanging out" with Luka Sabbat, a 20-year-old actor and star of Grown-ish.

The two have been spotted together on more than one occasion, sparking rumours that they might be secretly dating (now that's more like the usual Kardashian level of drama), but sources close to Kourtney have denied that this is the case.

"It’s nothing serious right now," an anonymous source disclosed to People. "It makes her feel good to have these hot, young guys who are interested in her."

Despite claims that Kourtney is "happily single", however, she and Sabbat have been seen getting preeettyyy close.

This weekend, for example, the two of them were spotted on a "double date" with Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. Kourtney even brought her oldest child, Mason, along - which, if it was a romantic sort of meeting, seems sort of serious.

But other people have insisted that Sabbat is just good friends with more than one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, and so it's only natural for them to all hang out together.

"Luka is also good friends with Kendall," a source claimed. "He’s young and is going with the flow. If everyone’s saying, ‘Hang out with Kourtney,’ he’s going to hang out with her."

As far as we know, then, Kourtney isn't dating any of the younger guys we sometimes see her hanging out with - she just keeps them around because they make her feel good, apparently.

Is it weird? Maybe. Is it on brand? Definitely. Will it eventually transpire that the two are together? Well, only time will tell.