This is the royal training Meghan Markle has to go through and it's pretty much 'Princess Diaries'

This is the royal training Meghan Markle has to go through and it's pretty much 'Princess Diaries'

Meghan Markle achieved the most one could hope to get out of social mobility: becoming a member of the royal family. The erstwhile Suits actress snapped up Britain's most eligible bachelor in a beautiful ceremony that was held at St. George's Chapel in Windsor last Saturday - and naturally - all eyes were on the bride.

There was Meghan's understated but elegant gown, Givenchy by way of Clare Waight Keller, and then her sexier evening ensemble, courtesy of Stella McCartney. But while she's now officially the Duchess of Sussex, it's apparent that the real work is only just beginning. 

Meghan Markle is reportedly receiving royal lessons from a long-standing member of Queen Elizabeth II's staff, according to People. And naturally, the people of the internet couldn't help but compare this to Anne Hathaway's role in 2001's The Princess Diaries.

Meghan Markle will purportedly be undergoing a total of six months in "duchess training" with the Queen's assistant private secretary, Samantha Cohen.

Cohen will be moving from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace to join Meghan and Prince Harry in their home this summer. The royal staffer will reportedly become the couple's private secretary, as well as be employed to teach 36-year-old Meghan how to behave at state affairs and events. According to Elite Daily, one of Cohen's first tasks as Meghan's adviser was to guide her through Prince Charles's recent 70th birthday celebrations.

TMZ has previously alleged that Prince Harry had been giving his now-wife lessons on the more important royal rules, such as how to address dignitaries, members of the royal family, and when, how and whom to curtsy to.

According to protocol, Meghan is supposed to curtsy to those who outrank her. This includes the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Because William is due to be the future King of England, he also receives a curtsy, and by extension so does Kate Middleton.

As could be expected, Twitter can't get enough of the fact that Meghan Markle's life has literally become The Princess Diaries.

"Does anyone else picture Julie Andrews from the Princess Diaries doing Meghan Markle’s royal training?! Because that’s all I can think of when they talk about all the training she will get," one Twitter user wrote, while another corroborated "I really like to think that Duchesses Meghan and Kate, being commoners, had to take royalty lessons from the Queen exactly like Princess Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries."

A third individual joked, "I'm really excited about Meghan Markle's new reboot of the Princess Diaries. I hope there is a montage!"

According to Vanity Fair, Meghan's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, has also been lending a helping hand by giving her tips on how to dress like a royal. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly had her stylist, Natasha Archer, assist Meghan in curating and cultivating her new personal style.

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