This Russian guy photoshops himself into Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram photos

This Russian guy photoshops himself into Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram photos

Most people have a celebrity crush; some big star that we're head over heels in love with, who we often fantasise about spending our lives with in a fairy tale romance. It would be the dream of many to wake up next to Ryan Gosling, or Rihanna, or Margot Robbie, in some gigantic mansion with a fleet of sports cars waiting in the garage. But the reality is that most celebrities aren't interested in hanging around Average Joes like you or me, no matter how fervently we might wish otherwise.

There's no denying that actress and model Emily Ratajkowski is the sort of person that people avidly fantasise about - and ever since her appearance alongside Ben Affleck in the movie Gone Girl (you know the one I'm talking about) she's been regarded as a modern day sex symbol. I'm sure many people would like the chance to share a selfie with her, and more besides. In fact, one Russian man has gone so far as to photoshop Ratajkowski into his own Instagram feed, with ... creepy results. Scroll down to take a look at the uncanny results below.

1. He even photoshopped the dog 

2. A black-tie event 

3. This is just wrong 

4. Swimwear 

5. Their relationship is a balancing act 

6. Nobody knows what happened to his trousers 

7. Simply creepy 

8. Dear God why?

9. The expression of the guy in the limo is great

The somewhat disturbing images stem from a Russian student by the name of Max, who lives with his grandmother in Novosibirsk. In a recent interview regarding his 'relationship' with Ratajkowski, Max stated: "For this year I plan to go to Emily, but I do not want to leave my grandmother either ... well, we’ll visit often." Somehow, I get the feeling that Max is more likely to be dump-tackled by security guards than lovingly embraced by her. But hey; true love is seldom sensible.