Throwback Meghan Markle video reveals she had a secret eating talent this whole time

Throwback Meghan Markle video reveals she had a secret eating talent this whole time

I don't know about you, but I almost can't remember a time before Meghan Markle became part of the Royal Family. We've had wedding gossip, family squabbles, plus more stories than you can shake a stick at; so much so, she's going to take a little break from the spotlight for a little while. But needs must, I guess.

Being a royal comes with its own sets of challenges, I'd imagine, but one thing that particularly sucks for Meghan Markle is that after a long, hard day of royal-ing, she can't even resort to some of her comfort foods. Thanks to the stringent rules at Buckingham Palace, carbs (and therefore pasta) are off the menu, as is garlic, and Meghan Markle won't even be able to pull off any mad eating tricks anymore.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Then please read on - it turns out Meghan Markle is an expert in speed eating, and her fruit of choice has been captured on camera, in a throwback video from many a year ago.

As you're probably well aware, last Saturday, Meghan Markle celebrated her birthday; her 37th in total, and very first as a member of the Royal Family. Happy birthday, Meghan! As part of the celebrations, Meghan hung out with Prince Harry at the wedding of one of his friends, and then got a ton of gifts (some of which she was allowed to keep)!

But the best gift of all, in my opinion, came from her close friend Daniel Martin; who also had the privilege of doing Meghan's makeup at the Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding. The pair go way back, and for Meghan's 37th, Martin gave us all a snapshot of Meghan back in the day, revealing to us one of the skills we had no idea she had.

Obviously, it's awesome while also being a little playful and silly, and obviously, it's food-based. Here, we see Meghan Markle at some point during her Suits days, sitting on a chair, someone fixing her hair, and a raspberry on each of her eight fingers (not including thumbs, of course).

"Ready?" She inquires to the camera, and before you know it, she's off; popping each of the raspberries into her mouth with surprising speed and perfect form - that is, until the silliness of the occasion gets to her, and her laughter slows her down somewhat. Still, she gets that eighth raspberry into her mouth and gives a victory gesture to the camera.

I don't know about you, but I think she's pretty good at that particular skill. Although now, we probably won't get to see her whip out that particular party trick at the royal dinner table any time soon, it makes me feel slightly better to know that if I were trapped in a room with Meghan Markle and we had to eat raspberries rapidly to save our lives (don't get bogged down in how or why), I'd be in really good hands.