Travis Scott declares his love for 'wifey' Kylie Jenner at concert amid cheating rumours

Travis Scott declares his love for 'wifey' Kylie Jenner at concert amid cheating rumours

Not a day goes by in the Kardashian world without some form of drama going down. If it ain't Kanye tweeting something, it's Kim photoshopping something, and if it's neither of those, it's usually Khloe spilling the beans about Tristan Thompson's latest philandering habits.

More recently, though, it's been Kylie who's dominated the spotlight.

Last week, rumours started going around that the 21-year-old had accused Travis Scott, her partner and baby daddy, of 'doing a Tristan', as I'm now going to call it.

It all started last Thursday when TMZ reported that "Travis Scott says he postponed his AstroWorld concert in Buffalo Thursday night because of illness", before adding: "we're told it's more complicated than that ... because Kylie accused him of cheating and he's staying in L.A. to deal with it."

According to the celebrity gossip publication, the rumors were legit - and that Kylie "claimed to discover 'evidence' [Travis] cheated on her" on Wednesday evening of this week. TMZ continues: "A major argument erupted and continued into Thursday."

Scott, however, denied the allegations and insisted via a representative that there was no truth to them.

So, perhaps in order to double down on this, he gave Jenner a special shoutout while performing over the weekend.

After performing Sicko Mode Scott at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, the 26-year-old called out to the crowd, "I love y’all. Thanks so much for coming to Astroworld." Then, he added: "I love you, wifey."

It's not clear whether or not Jenner was actually in the crowd, but it's clear that the message was for her.

Of course, his choice of words have reignited the fire of yet another rumour - that the couple are planning on getting married very soon... if they're not already.

On a number of occasions in the past, Scott and Jenner have referred to one another as "hubby" and "wifey" on social media, and made no moves to deny they were married when challenged on it by fans. What's more, Kylie has been spotted out and about more than once wearing a large diamond on her left ring finger, which, even for the Kardashians, is not exactly a common thing to do if you're not engaged or married.

Last October, when Jenner thanked her "hubby" for some flowers on Instagram, her comments were flooded by people questioning whether she'd got hitched.

"Hubby? You guys got married??" asked one person.

"They got married ???☺️?"added another.

Meanwhile, a third speculated that they might have actually been husband and wife for quite some time: "He calls her wifey, I think they're already married just saying."

Honestly, this whole shoutout from Scott has created more questions than it's answered. Did he cheat on her? Does he think he can win her back by telling her he loves her in front of a crowd? Are they married?

Once again, the only person that is winning at all her is Kris Jenner - and I firmly believe that only she has all the answers. Unfortunately, that means we'll have to wait until KUWTK airs to actually put this matter to bed.