Tristan Thompson has reportedly been spotted getting 'touchy-feely' and flirting with a girl at a club

Tristan Thompson has reportedly been spotted getting 'touchy-feely' and flirting with a girl at a club

There's a popular saying about men like Tristan Thompson: once a cheater, always a cheater.

Of course, the saying isn't 100 per cent true all of the time, as there are plenty of people out there that have cheated on their partners only to realise that it was a huuuge mistake. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Thompson is one of those people.

The NBA star and father to Khloe Kardashian's child, True, was exposed earlier this year by a woman who claimed to have slept with him just days before his partner gave birth. Then, after that news broke, TMZ shared video footage of him fooling around with women other than his reality star girlfriend, and that got him into some serious trouble with the Kardashians.

Even after being blanked and berated by TV's most famous family, however, Thompson does not seem to have learned his lesson, as he was apparently up to his old antics again in LA last week.

Speaking to US Weekly, an anonymous source claimed to have seen Thompson behaving inappropriately with another woman while clubbing.

"Tristan and a girl were chatting and flirting throughout the night," the source said. "They were very touchy-feely. He had his hand on her butt."

On that same evening, last Thursday, Thompson was spotted by paparazzi leaving the club around the same time as two women. According to the photographers' accounts, the women left the venue and waited outside, before being followed by the basketball player shortly after.

Once Thompson saw that there was paparazzi waiting for him, though, he went straight to his car, and the women went to theirs.

Nobody has confirmed that anything serious actually happened between Thompson and the women but, because of his previous behaviour, many assumed that he had intended on spending more of the night with them.

Just a few days ago, however, Khloe shared a video with her fans that appeared to show her and Tristian totally loved-up. A little too loved up, as a matter of fact.

What's more, other sources who know the couple have claimed that they've actually patched things up significantly since the infidelity issue earlier this year - but Khloe still has her doubts about her man.

"Khloé is planning to move back to Cleveland with Tristan in the next few weeks. They are doing better and have had a positive summer," one person told E! News. "Khloé just doesn't trust him 100 percent or know what's going to happen."

Soooo, has Thompson fallen back into his old habits, or has this whole thing been a huge misunderstanding? For Khloe's sake, we hope it's the latter - but, if it does turn out that he's been fooling around again, she should seriously consider ditching him. And in the meantime, the NBA star really ought to be on his best behaviour.