Tristan Thompson just shared his first adorable public photo with baby True

Tristan Thompson just shared his first adorable public photo with baby True

NBA player and real-life player Tristan Thompson has an interesting dating history. He used to date Instagram celebrity Jordan Craig, but when she got pregnant, he cheated on her with Khloe Kardashian. Then, when Khloe got pregnant, he allegedly cheated on her with multiple women. (Pro-tip: If you're hanging out with Tristan Thompson, and want to get rid of him, just get pregnant. He will disappear like The Flash!)

Of course, cheating is a complicated issue. For some couples, cheating is a dealbreaker, an unforgivable sin. But other couples are able to work through it, thanks to therapy and honest communication. We shouldn't be so quick to judge, since cheating is more common than we think. (In fact, your romantic partner might be cheating on you right now!)

The same week Khloe gave birth, reports emerged about Tristan's philandering. The NYC paparazzi caught Tristan kissing someone in a strip club, and then taking her to his hotel. Also, TMZ released footage of him getting intimate with women at a hookah lounge, when Khloe was three months pregnant. When the news broke, the Kardashian-Jenners unfollowed Tristan on social media, sending a strong message.

However, Khloe was ready to forgive. She allowed Tristan to be present for the birth, and clapped back at Twitter trolls accusing of her of being 'passive.' For months, insiders claimed she wanted to give him another chance. "She has one foot out the door but is also holding on to the fact that her and Tristan can make it work," a source told E! News.

"She hasn't given up on him yet, but also hasn't really been focusing on their relationship. When they see each other, it is all about the baby and parenting together. Khloé has fallen in love with him all over again, watching him be a dad to True, but [she also] knows she needs to really take a step back and make the right decision."

Well, it's none of our business what Khloe and Tristan decide to do in their personal lives. Oh, what am I saying? It's all of our business, because they're celebrities! Last week Khloe posted an adorable photo of two-month-old daughter True, and now Tristan has followed suit. On Instagram, the Cleveland Cavaliers player shared a photo of himself holding True and Prince, his son with Jordan Craig. Also, there's a basketball, just in case you forgot what he does for a living.

Tristan also shared a photo of two glitzy gold chains, named after his two children. In the caption, he wrote "My Prince?and Princess ?. I love you guys so much!!!" Say what you want about his cheating, but he's thrilled to be a father.

Well, congratulations to the happy family. If Khloe and Tristan can work out their issues, that gives us all hope. Or maybe it doesn't. Anyway, baby pics are cute, right?