Vanessa Hudgens reveals she dreamed of playing a stripper when she was a kid

Vanessa Hudgens reveals she dreamed of playing a stripper when she was a kid

While Vanessa Hudgens is primarily known for her rather wholesome work in High School Musical, the actress has recently asserted that she wants to take on edgier roles.

Hudgens, who boasts over 29 million followers on Instagram, opened up to The Guardian about her career failures and branching out as "bohemian" as she nears 30. The 29-year-old even went as far to say that she always dreamed of playing a "stripper or a prostitute" when she was a child.

Although Hudgens is currently starring in the family-friendly comedy, Dog Days, alongside Eva Longoria, she made her wishes to take on more "out there" roles known in a recent interview with The Guardian. Certainly, although she has featured in films such as Spring Breakers and Machete Kills, the actress said that when she first decided to try her hand at acting, she planned on playing very different kinds of characters.

"High School Musical was a fantastic journey, but it completely derailed me from where I originally saw my career going," she stated. "I always wanted to be the indie girl; I always wanted to be in the movies where I’m playing a drug addict or a stripper or a prostitute. That was my goal since I was like, 11."

Hudgens added that she later "got very comfortable with saying no" to movies that are deemed "teen friendly" in an effort to move away from her High School Musical persona, Gabriella Montez. She went on to play a prostitute in the 2013 thriller, The Frozen Ground, alongside Nicolas Cage and John Cusack, and she also stripped off in Sucker Punch for her role as Blondie. Now, with three films in preproduction, the actress plans to "say yes and see what happens".

“For a long time, such a prominent thing was girls not supporting each other, backstabbing each other, trying to tear each other down,” she told the publication. "One of the positive side-effects of the #MeToo movement and the burning spotlight on the need for more female directors, writers and roles, is that those girls have become a community of grown women. We’re being heard in a way we haven’t been heard in a long time and people gravitate towards that. It’s a very special time to be a woman."

Hudgens also addressed her style, which she has become known for in recent years. Insisting that her Coachella wardrobe wasn't "outrageous" but "bohemian" -a distinction that she took beyond the realms of superficiality. "Bohemian means, to me, to roll with the punches. I always say that expectation is the motherlode of all disappointment. Yes, it’s important to set goals and high hopes for yourself, but at the end of the day, you don’t know what life is going to hand you, you’ve just got to roll with it. That’s bohemian," she asserted.

Good on Vanessa for sussing out her next move!