Victoria Beckham speaks out over 'miserable' royal wedding photo

Victoria Beckham speaks out over 'miserable' royal wedding photo

Saturday's royal wedding was a joyous and beautiful affair, wasn't it? Harry and Meghan warmed the hearts of the world through their ceremony, which is being heralded as the most modern and important event in royal history. Whether it was the celebration of black culture through a gospel choir and black pastor, Meghan part-walking herself down the aisle, or the prominence of Diana's legacy throughout the proceedings, there was a lot to marvel at.

The wedding was attended by friends of the family as well as a host of A-listers. The likes of Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney, Tom Hardy and David and Victoria Beckham all turned up at the wedding, which went ahead in the beautiful British sunshine. However, while the majority of guests looked honoured to be invited, the same cannot be said for Victoria Beckham.

Posh Spice arrived at the wedding with her husband and while she is known for having a constantly moody look about her, you would have thought she may have managed a smile on the big day, right? Wrong. Victoria turned up looking pretty solemn, with the former-Spice Girl wearing a dark navy outfit replete with a glum look on her face.

But, while she may have attracted a fair amount of criticism online, Victoria said that she was happy to be at the wedding; saying that she was relieved not to be pregnant for this one.

"Quite honestly, it was such a relief not to be hugely pregnant at this royal wedding, that it was a joy to be able to choose anything I wanted to wear."

Victoria was almost seven months pregnant with daughter Harper during William and Kate’s nuptials in 2011. And, much like Saturday's event, her dress was navy number for the 2011 wedding.

"I love a bit of navy. The dress is one of my favourites: it isn’t in store until November, but we’ve had so many inquiries about it that I’m seeing whether I can bring it forward."

Despite looking fairly sombre, Victoria did reserve special praise for the couple, saying that the wedding was "the best day" and praising Meghan's choice of dress - something Katy Perry wasn't a fan of.

"It was such a beautiful, incredible wedding. It was just the best day. They looked so happy, and everybody was just so happy for them. Meghan seems like a genuinely lovely woman, who really loves him. It felt very real, very honest."

"I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. It [the dress] really suited her. I thought it was perfect for her. And Harry looked great."

Did she feel nervous attending the wedding? "I wasn’t nervous, no. I was just really honoured to have been invited. I would have been nervous if it had been my day."

Becks also said that she approved of Bishop Michael Curry’s passionate sermon, something which has been a hotly discussed subject online. "I thought what he said was very strong and optimistic. Very powerful."

So while Posh Spice may always look a little bit peeved, she might actually be having the time of her life. Turns out she just has a constant Resting B*tch Face.