'Victoria's Secret' models reveal the carbs they eat every single day

'Victoria's Secret' models reveal the carbs they eat every single day

When you think of the kind of things a Victoria's Secret model would eat on a daily basis, I like to think that the reality is a lot less depressing than their reputation. Take the likes of Heidi Klum or Kendall Jenner, and you'd probably expect to sit across from the table watching them eat little more than a couple of spinach leaves or something.

Of course, that's well wide of the mark. The modelling business has moved on from the controversial size-zero, heroin-chic days, and now, not only do your favourite supermodels enjoy food just like the rest of us, they even dabble in the most bloating of all food groups - carbs.

Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes are just two supermodels at the top of their game, and you best believe they love to chow down on some good old carbs on a very regular basis. But as we all know, not all carbs are created equal: so if you've got aspirations of ever becoming a Victoria's Secret model (dream big, I say), which carbs should you focus on?

Josephine and Jasmine have wondered that very same question, and via a video from their adorable joint Instagram JoJa, they gave their 519,000 followers a definitive answer. On JoJa, these supermodel besties like to share snaps of their daily routines, meals and general life, and this video told us all about carbs.

“So, everyone always asks us about carbs and we’re both big carb eaters,” said Josephine on the video, before turning to Jasmine Tookes. "I think it’s important for energy and everything. But Jas, if you could only eat one carb for the rest of your life – you have to choose between pasta, bread or rice...”

Impossible choice, right? Jasmine took her time, thinking it over very carefully, and before too long, Jasmine had her answer. "I think rice. I’m honestly so addicted to rice," says Jasmine Tookes, before turning to Josephine Skriver for her opinion. Needless to say, she agrees.

"It goes so well with Mexican food, Korean food, Chinese food – how could you never eat rice? I would miss my burrito and I would miss my bread, but I could not live without rice. I have rice like once a day."

"I have it like three time a day. But I’m not a big pasta eater. I actually just realised recently, I don’t eat that much pasta," added Jasmine, and although I don't quite support that particular choice, Jasmine and Josephine are pretty right in leaning towards the magic grain that is rice.

Rice, and brown rice in particular, has plenty of nutritional benefits. It's a complex carb, releasing energy in short bursts throughout the day, keeping your blood sugar levels nice and consistent. It's also got plenty of fibre, keeping you full for longer and helping those pesky bowel movements be a little less pesky.

For the budding Victoria's Secret model like Josephine Skriver or Jasmine Tookes, it's an absolute must-have.