Watch Mia Khalifa expertly down a pint of beer in less than 10 seconds

Watch Mia Khalifa expertly down a pint of beer in less than 10 seconds

There's no doubt that Mia Khalifa is one of the more recognisable people on the planet. After a short career in the world of adult entertainment, Khalifa was catapulted into the public consciousness.

Since then, the 26-year-old has moved into social media to work as an influencer, often displaying her detailed knowledge of sports - in particular hockey - and she's managed to find a lot of success thus far.

However, we can now add one more talent to her lengthy list of achievements: namely drinking. Yes, this week a video of Mia has managed to go viral on Instagram after she filmed herself downing a pint of lager in under ten seconds!

The video was filmed when the 26-year-old was celebrating a goal scored by Watford football club at Vicarage Road Stadium on Sunday. Mia cried out: "Watford scored, let's f*cking go!" before gulping the entire contents of her pint glass down in one go.

Earlier that day, the model and social media personality shared an image of herself wearing the team's colours in their locker room.

Watch Mia down her drink in the video below: 

She captioned the post: "I can’t believe I had the chance to see first hand Watford play Arsenal, even though it was a draw, it was ELECTRIC. I saw firsthand today the power of Bitcoin, and I’ve decided now that yellow is officially my color. [sic]"

However, some Instagram users and sports fans were critical of the post, since Mia has previously endorsed West Ham in the Premier League.

Responding to her critics, Mia wrote: "@westham wasn't even playing yesterday, what kind of t**t wears the kit of a team that's not participating in the match to the stadium?"

She continued: "Time for all of y'all to stop hating from your mom's spare bedroom. Acting like you wouldn't jump at the opportunity to run around a pitch post-game, and see the locker room & lineup two hours before it's announced if you had the chance. "