Will and Kate's reaction to Rebel Wilson's Prince Andrew BAFTAs joke is painfully awkward

Will and Kate's reaction to Rebel Wilson's Prince Andrew BAFTAs joke is painfully awkward

It's never nice when somebody makes a joke about one of your family members - it's probably a thousand times worse when that joke is made on live television and that family member is your disgraced royal uncle Prince Andrew.

However, that is the position Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton found themselves in at last night’s BAFTAs 2020.

Now, it is understandable that any comedian would make a jab at Prince Andrew given his recent car crash interview surrounding his relationship with Jeffery Epstein - but you'd have to imagine most stars would avoid making the joke in front of his nephew and his wife.

But while presenting the award for the Best Director category, Australian actress Rebel Wilson didn't hesitate for a second to take a jab at the disgraced son of the Queen.

Check out Rebel's ballsy moment in the video below:

Kicking off her speech, Wilson expressed her delight at being in the Royal Albert Hall in London, but jokingly stumbled over her words and called the concert hall the "Royal Andrew… Royal Harry… Royal Phillip… this royal palace place."

(Wilson also took the opportunity there to slip in Prince Harry's name - who has also been heavily featured in the news recently since deciding to step down as a senior royal with wife Meghan Markle.)

The cameras took the opportunity to quickly cut to Prince William and Kate Middleton, who sat frozen in response to the comment.

With the tension in the room palpable, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts (and memes) on the awkward moment:

Twitter user Rach Walker typed: "Rebel Wilson slamming the BAFTAs for the lack of female nominees in the director category and making an Andrew/Epstein joke right in front of Kate and Will- we have no choice but to stan".

And Eleanor Lancaster tweeted out: "Rebel Wilson did Andrew, Harry, her vagina and sexism in nominations. All in front of Will and Kate. This woman is an icon."

As Will and Kate found out last night: It's all fun and games until somebody brings up family...