Woman looks so much like Rihanna people keep asking her when her new album is coming out

Woman looks so much like Rihanna people keep asking her when her new album is coming out

Rihanna has been pretty busy lately, with her Fenty brand dominating the beauty industry over the last few years - but her fans are still desperate for some new music. Last December, she dropped the big news that she was planning to roll out some new music in 2019, and her followers still can't wait for a new release after 2016's Anti.

One person who has been taking some flak for this is Yna Sertalf, a 23-year-old woman from France. Despite the fact she has never had any part to play in Rihanna's music, the fact that she looks similar to the artist has left her mentions in chaos - dating all the way back to her teen years.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she said:

"It's been happening since I was 15 or 16. The first person to say it was my uncle, who told my mother back when I cut my hair. Because I'm a little shy I've never used it voluntarily but it's true that it's easier to get into a club or to be offered a drink.

"I've heard it for a long time and sometimes people ask to take pictures with me when I go out. But in my personal life, it can be a bit complicated because I never know if someone is speaking to me for my personality or because they think I look like Rihanna.

"So when I talk to a guy it’s often 'you look like Rihanna' and he's happy to show me off to his friends and I often wonder if we can move beyond the looks. But outside of that I find it all pretty funny."

Because everyone is so hungry for a new Rihanna album, there's been a lot of users putting pressure on Yna, requesting the new album.

Both her Instagram and Twitter accounts are full of this sort of thing - to the point that Rihanna herself may have heard about it by now. Who knows, maybe we'll see her doppelgänger turn up in a music video somewhere down the line?