Woman sells her royal wedding gift bag for an astonishing amount of money

Woman sells her royal wedding gift bag for an astonishing amount of money

The Royal Wedding. It was lovely, wasn't it? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot on Saturday at a stunning event that was seen as one of the most seismic and modern events in Royal history.

There were a host of reasons that the ceremony was so poignant and symbolic; whether it was Meghan part-walking herself down the aisle, the ceremony featuring Diana's favourite hymn, or the celebration and prominence of black culture through a gospel choir and black American preacher.

While inside the chapel the crowd was made up of close friends and the Hollywood elite, regular folk lined the streets of Windsor outside, hoping to catch a glance of the newlyweds during their horse-drawn parade. And, while the majority of them will go home with photos and memories of the big day, for those who were lucky enough, they also received a goodie bag.

However, while you might think that a lot of people would keep their gift for sentimental value, it turns out that guests at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been selling their gift bags on eBay, with some purportedly collecting as much as £30,000 in the process.

Dozens of goodie bags have appeared on the auction site, with some of them receiving bids of up to five figures. It's believed that the bags were given to a group of 1,200 non-VIPs who were chosen to see the royals and A-listers from outside St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Claire Oliver, an HR manager, is just one of the many people to make an eye-watering amount of money from selling her bag online. According to her, she made £21,400 by selling the gift, which included a souvenir order of service and a welcome letter from Harry and Meghan.

The bag also had some shortbread, a commemorative magnet, a bottle of water, a large chocolate coin and a voucher for the castle shop to spend once the ceremony had finished.

Miss Oliver, who is from South East London, told the Mail Online that she did not want to discuss the auction. However, in the hours before the ceremony commenced, the 31-year-old had tweeted: "I got to watch the royal wedding right outside Windsor Castle in this amazing setting. Such an amazing day #Golden ticket #Royal connections."

The HR manager works for Troup Bywaters, a company which is backed by Prince Harry and offers engineering apprenticeships to young workers.

Miss Oliver isn't the only one cashing in on the big day, several of the bags have appeared online, with one particular seller writing: "Buy a piece of history and memorabilia to celebrate a momentous special day for Britain’s and the royal family".

The bags aren't the only bit of memorabilia being auctioned off online, some collectors are also buying orders of service from the day - despite the fact that they can be downloaded for free off of the royal family's website.

While it may seem like an absurd amount of money for what is essentially a bottle of water and some biscuits, you can hardly blame people like Claire for cashing in on the rabid nature of royal family fans.