YouTuber 'Grandpa' who makes epic meals for orphans has passed away

YouTuber 'Grandpa' who makes epic meals for orphans has passed away

A kind, elderly YouTuber, who was affectionately dubbed the Grandpa of Youtube (inspired by his YouTube handle Grandpa Kitchen), has died at the age of 73, as confirmed by a new video uploaded to his account.

Narayana Reddy from Telangana, India, made a name from himself on the video-sharing platform by documenting the process behind cooking large meals to feed orphans.

Since he started the channel back in 2017, Grandpa Kitchen has accumulated more than six million subscribers, with each video gaining millions of views.

Check out this classic Grandpa Kitchen video in which Narayana Reddy prepares a butter chicken dish for orphans:

"We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities. Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans," the bio on Grandpa Kitchen reads.

Admired for his modest and simple approach to cooking, Reddy would use traditional firewood in order to make enough meals to feed the orphans who ultimately benefitted from the charitable deed.

Unfortunately, viewers will no longer be able to look forward to brand new content from the YouTuber as Reddy tragically passed away on Sunday, October 27 as the latest (and presumably last) video on his channel reveals.

Check out what will presumably be Narayana Reddy's very last video on his popular channel, Grandpa Kitchen:

Showcased in the video are his last moments and his funeral, which make for a heartbreaking watch. Particularly as a woman, thought to be his wife, can be seen crying by his bedside.

Last week, the 73-year-old grandpa who was visibly in ill health, made his final appearance on the channel in a live session. In the video, he gives his viewers updates on his health and the future of the channel.

News of his tragic death has understandably affected his millions of subscribers.

Our thoughts are with his friends, family, and followers.