Zac Efron fans think he's flashing his manhood in steamy snap

Zac Efron fans think he's flashing his manhood in steamy snap

What on earth did we do to deserve Zac Efron? The man literally has it all.

Throughout the High School Musical franchise, Efron won our hearts with his all-singing, all-dancing portrayal of Wildcat Troy Bolton. In Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile he proved his acting skills were up there with the best of them. In Baywatch, he showed off his abs. And in 17 Again he proved that I will never look as cool as Zac Efron getting out of a sports car while wearing a leather jacket and aviators.

It's Efron's all-round talent and god-like good looks that have led to the star gaining a whopping 40.5 million followers on Instagram. However, the 32-year-old actor's most recent snap to the social media site has sent many of his followers into a frenzy.

Posing in what looks like a sauna, the actor can be seen staring straight into the lens, as he poses shirtless in nothing but a pair of swim shorts. But rather than be fixated over his rippling abs, many of Efron's followers think they can see a little more of Efron than he perhaps had hoped.

Check out the image below, and see if you can spot anything suspicious:

Unsurprisingly, the comments flooded in, with many of Efron's followers believing they had spotted the actor's member sticking up from his shorts.

Even Twitter erupted at the sight of Zac in his sauna:

But perhaps nobody put it better than British strongman Eddie Hall, who eloquently commented:

But fear not, Efron was not going around breaking Instagram policy and flaunting his member, it was simply the black drawstring of his shorts making it look that way.

Efron's remarkable body (yeah, I said it), came about after he was cast in the Baywatch movie alongside Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Efron endured 12 weeks of strict dieting and exercise regimes in order to get in amazing shape.

Speaking to  Healthline his trainer, Patrick Murphy, revealed that after 12 weeks of training, Efron's body-fat percentage was a low 5%:

"Efron’s Baywatch movie training program involved an ever-changing approach, involving full-body workouts, two-day splits, three-day splits, power training, strength training, stability, and balance training, lifeguard training, hiking, biking, obstacle course training, and more."

I'd honestly love a body like Zac's... but I also love bread and naps.