Zac Efron has bizarre French braids in his hair now, and fans don't know what to think

Zac Efron has bizarre French braids in his hair now, and fans don't know what to think

We are all in thrall to celebrity.

Most of us would take a life of riches and fame in a heartbeat, perhaps without knowig exactly what we were getting ourselves in for.

Because, while it would undoubtedly be nice to have nigh-on unlimited resources and a cornuccopia of glamorous and equally genetically blessed pals to call on when you fancy popping out for a couple of cold ones, fame undeniably has its flaws as well as its benefits.

Living life constantly in the public eye would quickly become exhausting, as would the incessant pressure to adhere to unrealistic expectations of your time, appearance and abilities.

Having said that, the trappings of celebrity are certainly alluring. I, for one, wouldn't mind being whisked away on private jets from one exotic locale to the next, armed with a magnum of champagne and a coquettish, doe-eyed super model hanging on my every word. Alas, some dreams might forever remain thus, and never manifest themselves as enviable reality.

Zac Efron knows more than most about fame's two faces. He burst onto the scene a fresh-faced youth in the all-singing, all-dancing smash High School Musical, and at once became a bonafide Hollywood heartthrob.

However, for a time it proved difficult for the star to free himself for the Troy Bolton-shaped shackles he had fashioned for himself - in large part a victim of his own considerable success.

Fast forward to 2018, though, and Efron is riding perhaps higher than ever. Still starring in movies with laudable regularity, the 17 Again star has carved himself a physique that appears as though it were hewn from the Atlas mountains and appears to be, in all facets, living his very best life.

However, if there's one thing the star seems to be churning out with as much regularity as his movies, it's new hairstyles to match.

The heartthrob has had more 'do's than you could shake a stick at of late, so just in case you're struggling to keep up, here's a few of them;

As you can see, variety has certainly been the spice of life for Efron's follicles.

Now, he appears to have switched things up yet again, after transforming his afore mentioned dreads into French braids that his fans are, well, a little conflicted about.

Here's the new 'do:

Some loved the look, with comments ranging from "You look so good!" to "you're beautiful".

However, others were decidedly less keen, one fan wrote "get rid of that hair" while another added "Excuse me sir what are you doing with your hair".

At the end of the day, it's Efron's hair on Efron's head, so maybe we should just let Efron do what he wants with it.