Zac Efron has dyed his hair platinum blonde and fans are freaking out

Zac Efron has dyed his hair platinum blonde and fans are freaking out

Once upon a time, it seemed as though Zac Efron was the dream boyfriend every teenage girl over the 2000s. After Efron portrayed Troy Bolton in the hit Disney tween movie High School Musical, he became the idol of millions overnight. It's not difficult to see why: he's a pretty good looking guy, and he's managed to attract plenty of prominent film roles to this day. Indeed, he boasts a pretty impressive social media presence these days, and has plenty of followers keeping an eye on him.

This week Efron debuted a new look, and suffice to say, not all of his fans are in agreement over whether it was an improvement or not. On Thursday, January 10, Efron posted an Instagram snap of himself rock-climbing, in which fans caught a glimpse of his new bleached-blonde 'do.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Who told Zac Efron he should dye his hair blonde again? Smh," while another person added: "If Zac Efron dyes his hair platinum blonde one more time I'm throwing hands." However, other people were more supportive, with one Twitter user writing: "Uh I'm actually really here for Zac Efron dying his hair blonde???! I mean, HE could get away with any look."

This week, Zack managed to also melt his fans' hearts by sharing a video of his grandfather blowing out the candles on his 91st birthday cake. People who watched the adorable story couldn't help but notice that Efron senior actually owned a pinup poster of his grandson from way back in his High School Musical days, proving that his relative really does love and care about him. Awww.

Efron captioned the Instagram post: "Happy 91st Bday to the Original Efron! The man who made it all possible! After the army-he Married my beautiful Grandma Dotty, raised three young Efrons- one of whom is one heck of a guy- my dad. And from the day I came into this world, taught me everything. [sic]"

He added: "How to tell stories, ski, laugh, love, work hard, and appreciate the beautiful things in life: paying it forward, treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, and live every day to the fullest. I’ve never seen anyone light up a room like you Grandpa. Thanks for being my idol, mentor, best friend, and the BEST SKIER in the family. Happy 91 years Grandpa! I love you. I’ll See you and Grandma soon! Can’t wait to follow your tracks down the 🏔 and beyond. [sic]"

However, in a disturbing example of an actor playing against typecasting, Efron is also set to depict infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming true crime biopic Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile - which is directed by Joe Berlinger, and based on the relationship between Elizabeth Kloepfer and the mass murderer. Other cast members include Lily Collins as Elizabeth Kloepfer, John Malkovich as judge Edward Cowart, and Jim Parsons.