Zac Efron is apparently dating an Olympic swimmer, and she's absolutely stunning

Zac Efron is apparently dating an Olympic swimmer, and she's absolutely stunning

Zac Efron is wanted by millions across the world, but there's only one lucky person who'll land that spot. In the past he's dated High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, and was also linked to his Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario, but now it looks like he may have a new squeeze: Sarah Bro.

It's all speculation at this point, but there are enough major Efron fans out there to make a fairly convincing case that the actor is dating the Olympic swimmer. Bro, who swam for Denmark in the 4x100 metre relay at the 2017 Olympics, has been spotted with the actor on a few occasions.

While they haven't made any public posts about each other on social media, there have been enough sightings and coincidences that it's starting to look like they may be an item.

On March 1, Bro and Efron both shared photos on Instagram from a Los Angeles Kings hockey game, where Bro was wearing a custom jersey.

"Thank you @lakings for making my first hockey game something very special," she wrote in the caption to a photo of herself in the locker room wearing the customised jersey, adding that she's "already a fan!" after the watching her first game.

The same day, Efron posted a selfie from the same game.

Their matching photos from this game and others could just be coincidence, but that same weekend they were seen together, leading many to think that they attended the game together. On March 2, the 31-year-old actor was photographed sat next to the 23-year-old athlete at the UFC 235 fight in Las Vegas. Cameras panned over to Efron during the fight, at which point he saluted the camera.

zac efron sarah bro ufc Credit: Getty

E! News caught up with an eyewitness from the fight, who described how the potential couple arrived together, and "looked like they were having a great time".

Both of them were "smiling and laughing in their seats" before the fight started, and, after Zac was approached by several fans, the pair left the match together. The source claimed that they were "not overly publicly affectionate" and "weren't doing anything to attract any additional attention".

Bro posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers onto her Instagram story on Tuesday, but didn't specify who had given her the floral arrangement - leading some fans to guess they were from the Hollywood actor. While the swimmer comes from Copenhagen, she currently lives in Los Angeles - just as Efron does.

Whether the pair are actually together or not remains to be seen, but they definitely are spending time together - in much the same way people noticed Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were - and now those two are engaged. It sounds like some celebrities find a way to keep their private lives, well... private.

But if it is true - Efron and Bro do make a cute couple, don't they?