Christmas jumpers mocking Jeffery Epstein's death become unlikely holiday trend

Christmas jumpers mocking Jeffery Epstein's death become unlikely holiday trend

Holiday bestsellers are often easy to predict, but 2019 has had an unlikely hit: Christmas jumpers mocking Jeffery Epstein's death.

In August, the convicted pedophile was found hanged in his prison cell in what was declared a suicide. However, because of his connection to other high profile figures including Prince Andrew and President Trump, it wasn't long before conspiracy theories emerged, suggesting that the 66-year-old was, in fact, murdered.

In the video below, this Fox News guest claims that Epstein didn't kill himself: 

One advert for a $19.80 sweater featuring Epstein in a Santa hat reads: "Christmas lights are a lot like Epstein - they don't hang themselves."

"During Christmas, an elf may sit on a shelf, but Epstein didn't kill himself," another Amazon sweater, available in eight colors for $29.99, reads.

"Dasher & dancer & prancer & Epstein & didn't & kill himself & Donner & Blitzen,"reads a $18.99 T-shirt.

However, the jumpers aren't the only Epstein-themed merchandise available this holiday season.

There's also a gingerbread-themed ornament in a classic design that comes in a checked box that reads: "Epstein didn't kill himself."

"Merry Christmas!" reads the cover of a $6.99 notebook, "Epstein didn’t kill himself."

In addition to this, you can purchase a ransom-style note sweater with "Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself," featuring other famous faces including Donald TrumpHillary Clinton and Kim Jong-un.

Credit: PA Images

After Epstein's death, an unofficial financier was confirmed which stated that the businessman's life ended via suicide by hanging. The 66-year-old is reported to have killed himself using a bedsheet in his Metropolitan Correctional Center - a day after hundreds of court documents revealing the extent of his alleged abuse were made public.

Emerson College poll conducted a poll about Epstein's death and just 33% of respondents said that they believed the 66-year-old died by his own hand.

In fact, a forensic pathologist has said Epstein's autopsy "points to homicide".