Conor McGregor made almost $2 million per second in last night's UFC fight

Conor McGregor made almost $2 million per second in last night's UFC fight

‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor has never been shy when it comes to his wealth. The man who once famously dubbed himself “The Gucci Mink Pimp” has earned more money than most of us would know what to do with over the course of his explosive career, and is arguably responsible for turning the UFC into the global force it is today.

However, while many of McGregor’s fights have been among the most lucrative in the sport’s history, his post-Donald Cerrone demolition purse has taken things to the next level. 

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By McGregor’s own calculations, the Irish superstar pocketed an astonishing $1.9 million dollars for every second of Saturday night’s bout with Cerrone. Defeating his opponent in just 40 seconds, McGregor reportedly won a total of $78 million for the bout, making his much-vaunted return well worth his while.

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In a post-fight interview, McGregor revealed how his latest victory had helped secure his legacy as one of the industry’s most famous fighters still further. As he put it:

"I'm so happy. Who's going up and down divisions and stopping people like that?! The UFC can strip fighters [belts] and give other fighters make-believe belts in order to replicate my champ-champ status but they can't give knockout victories across multiple weight divisions.”

Credit: PA

"Etch my name in history one more time. For the Irish people, for my ma back home... I love ya to bits, I'm coming home with the win!”

"I made history here tonight, I set another record. I'm the first fighter in UFC history to secure knockouts at featherweight, lightweight and now welterweight so I'm very proud of that.”

"Donald holds the record for the most head-kick knockouts so I'm so happy to get him there with a head-kick myself."

The world will wait with bated breath to see when and where McGregor might fight next. Whether his next 40 seconds are this profitable, however, must be in doubt.