Donald Trump is set to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2018

Donald Trump is set to be the most popular Halloween costume of 2018

Donald Trump has never been a particularly modest man. Even before he became president of the United States, the former reality show host was always going on about how "great" and "tremendous" he supposedly is, often stating that nobody could do anything better than he can.

Despite this, he's not been much of a successful president so far. In fact, he's pretty much consistently had some of the lowest ratings in recent history, and each day manages to distance himself from the electorate just a tiny bit more by introducing some sort of extreme policy or sending out a poorly-worded tweet.

But we've actually got some good news for Mr. Trump, because it turns out that he is still the number one at something! Unfortunately for him, it's being the most popular Halloween costume.

TOPSHOT - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a mask of himself which he picked up from supporter during a rally in the Robarts Arena of the Sarasota Fairgrounds on November 7, 2016 in Sarasota, Florida. - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump launched into the frenzied final day of their historic fight for the White House Monday, with blow-out rallies in the handful of swing states that will decide who leads the United States. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

Research collected by VoucherCodes showed that almost one in five people (19 per cent) in the UK intended to dress up as Donald Trump in order to celebrate the spookiest event of the year this week, making it the single most popular costume in the country.

Really, it's not difficult to see why people would choose him as a costume. Aside from being a legitimately terrifying person, Trump's persona has become one that is so easily mocked - all it takes is an over-combed blonde wig, some fake tan, and an ability to speak with pursed lips and, *voila*, you're basically as qualified to lead the free world as the next schmuck in a red tie and a MAGA hat.

But, of course, Trump isn't the only Halloween costume people are opting for over the holidays.

donald trump Credit: Getty

Almost the same proportion of people aged 16-24 (18 per cent, to be precise) plan on dressing up as a character from Fortnite in order to celebrate the night, and a fifth of mothers accompanying their children to go trick or treating in the evening will be dressed up as Wonder Woman.

The majority of kids are also choosing to dress up as superheroes this year round, with a significant proportion of people (about a quarter) saying that conventionally spooky costumes such as witches and vampires are now a bit boring and overdone.

But not everyone will be celebrating. According to VoucherCodes:

"Only half (51%) of Brits are in favour of celebrating Halloween, with a quarter (26%) now actively disliking the holiday. More people are planning to spend the night with their lights switched off pretending they’re not home (42%) than to head out trick or treating (32%) this year. This means almost half the houses across the country are leaving themselves vulnerable to a crowd of ghosts and goblins."

trick or treaters Credit: Pexels

If you are one of the small majority planning to celebrate, though - keep an eye out for the stray Donald Trumps roaming the streets! And if you run out of sweets or chocolate to give to someone in an ill-fitting suit and a bad wig, you'd better be prepared to deal with the consequences.

After all, we're well aware of what Trump is like when he throws a temper tantrum, and - Halloween or not - it's certainly a scary sight to behold.