10 details about 'Harry Potter' that you never thought of until you were an adult

10 details about 'Harry Potter' that you never thought of until you were an adult

There are many remarkable things about the wizarding world of 'Harry Potter', not least of which is that Albus Dumbledore, the greatest and wisest wizard of them all, doesn't appear familiar with the concept of background checking his Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers before hiring them.

Many of us who know and love the Harry Potter books grew up with them as children, and therefore certain possibilities and details surrounding the magical universe most likely passed us by while we were in the innocent throes of youth.

Now, as cynical, weatherbeaten, haggard adults, lets revisit Hogwarts and consider some of the possibilities that remained, mostly, unexplored by Potter and co.

1. Anyone could have defeated Harry Potter just by saying, 'Accio glasses.'"

2. "The most unrealistic thing about Harry Potter is that they eventually use all the skills they learn at school."

3. "In the Harry Potter universe, you could probably get a GIF tattooed on you."

4. "The Golden snitch in Harry Potter is nothing but a Ferrero Rocher on Red Bull."

5. "Harry Potter is the ultimate example of someone who peaked in high school."

6. "11-year-old Harry is kind of an asshole for buying all the candy from the trolley on his first Hogwarts Express trip."

7. "Even in Harry Potter, a magical world, they thought astrology was a joke."

8. "The names Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint sound more made-up than Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

9. I was a muggle and I had just received a letter saying that my child is a wizard, I'd definitely think it was some sort of scam."

10. "The Room of Requirement was probably used for sex. A LOT."

How many of these had you considered before? Has this changed the way you look at Hogwarts forever?

H/T: Reddit/Showerthoughts