$12 anti-snoring chin strap is getting rave reviews on Amazon

$12 anti-snoring chin strap is getting rave reviews on Amazon

There's no doubt that snoring can be a direct cause of poor quality sleep: not just for those who are kept up by what sounds like the world's busiest sawmill, but also for the person snoring themselves.

Snoring is often caused by a blocked airway, meaning that the body doesn't receive enough oxygen at night-time. It can even lead to severe dental problems down the line, due to dry mouth.

There are many apocryphal solutions to the issue of snoring: rolling them onto their side, pinching their nostrils... or you know, smothering them with a pillow. But if you really want to stop snoring, one company is offering something different...

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A chin-strap available on Amazon for the low price of $12 has been getting rave reviews from customers online.

Diagram showing how the chin strap works. Credit: Amazon/Dreamnerd

The Dreamnerd chin strap features adjustable velcro straps and breathable neoprene holes. All you need to do is pull the strap over your head and let the side straps slip around your ears. Then you fix to ensure your mouth is closed, and voila! You'll be off to dreamland before you know it. 


An image of the Dreamnerd chin strap. Credit: Amazon/Dreamnerd

The product's positive reviews speak for itself. For instance, one happy customer wrote: "The chin strap was soft and comfortable, very good for sleeping, it really helps a lot." Meanwhile, someone else added: "This is definitely a better strap than the one I used before. It stays on and does the job."

However, the American Sleep Association does advise that "You may have difficulty breathing through your mouth whilst sleeping with a chin strap". You can read more information about chin straps, and their perceived benefits and side effects, here.

Intense snoring could also be a symptom of another sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This obstructive issue occurs when the soft tissues and muscles of the throat relax and narrow while you're asleep, which can lead to interrupted respiration and poor quality rest.

If you're concerned about your sleeping habits, you can always contact your doctor for more information.