18 'Game of Thrones' behind-the-scenes photos that every fan will love

18 'Game of Thrones' behind-the-scenes photos that every fan will love

When a show gets as popular as Game of Thrones, it's not just the exploits of the characters on screen that fans are interested in, but what goes on with their real-life counterparts. Finding out that Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow make each other laugh on set or that Tormund went on a mad night out with Khal Drago is music to a fan's ears.

A lot of these moments made their way onto the actors' Instagram pages over the years, making this trip down memory lane one worth going on...

1. When Jon met Dany

2. Maisie Williams' first day

3. Stark sisters selfie

4. Mischief in Mereen

5. Theon and Sansa (taken by Jon)

6. Missandei and Khaleesi's day out

7. Mother and son reunion

8. Yara in a scrap

9. Tormund taking a selfie before the battle of the bastards

10. Rainy day with the mother of dragons

11. Missandei, Sansa and... Varys?

12. "Da reel roadmans of Westeros"

13. Cersei's make-up throne

14. Drogo and Dany still going strong

15. Is this blue steel? Or Valerian steel?

16. Night out with Drogo and Tormund

17. 90s band or Northern warriors?

18. And now for a musical number from The Hound...

If anything, I wish we could have seen some of the characters have some good times like this. Imagine seeing The Hound behead someone, eat some chicken, then launch into a jaunty tune? Now that would be entertainment.