9 photos that show how superhero looks have changed over the years

9 photos that show how superhero looks have changed over the years

There's no doubt about it: superheroes are everywhere right now. In fact, in many ways the superhero movie has become as ubiquitous as the western genre used to be. I guess that's understandable when their themes are so broad, and they can draw upon decades worth of lore and continuity. Not only that, but superheroes tend to be characters who are open to artistic interpretation, and have been made dark and gritty or light and goofy depending on what's fashionable at the time.

For example, Batman can swing from being a campy action hero to a dark, brooding psychological wreck, depending on who's writing him or playing the part. What you might not have realised is that superheroes have changed a lot over the years, especially on the silver screen. Nowadays the budgets for these comic book outings are mind-bogglingly huge, but back in the day tings didn't look quite as impressive. Scroll down to check out what the supermen of yesteryear used to look like.

1. Doctor Strange

2. Supergirl

3. Captain America

4. Wonder Woman

5. Catwoman

6. Batman

7. Superman

8. Thor

9. The Incredible Hulk

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