Antoni from 'Queer Eye' is officially opening his very own restaurant

Antoni from 'Queer Eye' is officially opening his very own restaurant

Someone recently asked me at a party if I'd ever watched a television show that had actually changed my life. My answer was short and shrift - Queer Eye. Never before have I seen a show that made me think, "damn Lewis you need to get a new wardrobe". Within days I was attempting to create the perfect facial lotion from things I had around the house, and indulging in a 'French tuck' (there's nothing naughty about it, I promise).

For you uneducated heathens who don't know the format, Queer Eye follows five fabulous gentlemen as they attempt to change their subjects dreary dress-sense, eating habits, lifestyle choices et al, into something a little easier on the eye - all while helping them grow as people. The Fab Five have become overnight sensations thanks to their amazing outlook on life, sharp dressing and worldly wisdom. It's heartwarming TV at its finest, and I'm not ashamed to say that I've cried multiple times since discovering it on Netflix.

If you're a proper fan of the show, you'll know that there are a few jokes going around that Antoni (the Fab Five's resident foodie and culinary wizard) only knows how to work with one ingredient... avocado. Regular viewers will be used to seeing Antoni swanning around the subject's kitchen, brandishing a sharp knife, whipping up some kind of avo-based appetizer or snack - but it seems that now he's branching out into the restaurant bizz.

So what is Antoni planning on doing? And will Jonathan Van Ness be in attendance on opening night? All key questions that need answering.

According to our friends at Eater New York, Antoni is opening his very own restaurant in New York City. It looks like it's going to be a "fast-casual reboot" of the classic diner, Village Den. Sadly the original restaurant closed in May, after 36 years - but Antoni and partners are planning on relaunching it as a restaurant that promotes a "wholesome yet fulfilling lifestyle."

Excited yet? Well you'll have to wait a tiny bit longer to take a bite with one of the Fab Five, with the restaurant's projected opening date not until September.

I can only imagine Antoni will be calling in a few favours from his buddies to make sure everything goes smoothly; Bobby on interiors (obviously, the man is a genius), Jonathan and Tan should be tasked with making sure all the busboys, waiters and managers are all impeccably dressed and groomed - but what about Karamo? Don't fret, I'm sure they'll be able to find some hidden trauma or confidence issue that needs sorting out, they always do...

So next time you're in NYC in need of a bite, hit up the West Village and pay Antoni a visit. You know it makes sense.